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MP Navigator not working

I have a Pixma MG5220.  I am running Windows 8.1, 64-bit.  The printer works fine, no prolems.  However, I just installed MP Navigator 4.0.  I had no problems with the installation, but when I try to actually run it, I get this error message:  Cannot...

Gumby385 by Apprentice
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MX922 print quality deteriorating

Hello, I bought a Canon MX922 Aug. 31, 2013, to replace an MP970 that no longer printed correctly. I was happy with it for about six months, but then, just like the MP970, the print quality began the deteriorate steadily despite regular cleanups. It'...


I have a canon MG3500 got error 5100

got error 5100 on my MG3500 printer.  cleared the paper jam, reset the cartridges, searched high and low for another problem.  cant fint one.  still get the error 5100.... how do I clear this error.... I refuse to pay the maintenance fee just for a p...

btwolfe by Apprentice
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Pixma MP240

A few years ago the printer would say offline and when I changed either the power cord or the USB cable it worked. Presently, I can't print, again, saying "offline". Do you think it is the power cord or the USB-I can't remember. Also, do you think th...

Pixma MG2520 error message when trying to scan

Every time I try to scan a picture with my Pixma MG2520 it gives me the error message "You do not have the required privileges to access the specified folder. Code:9,244,3" It was working fine when I first bought it 10 days ago and I scanned about 70...

Repair MX882 printer

I have a MX882 pirnter that developed a noise during head cleaning.  I got a chance to get a new MX922 at a good price so I replaced the old printer.  Now I would like to take the 882 apart and see if I can fix the noise.  How do I get the printer ap...

MG7160 was working now computer cant find it

windows not recognising my new MG7160. was working fine now its stopped and cant be found anywhere??? usb cable connected.Devices page says drivers unavailable. Tried to down load latest driver, went into an error near the end saying turn on printer ...

BG69 by Apprentice
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Error message U052 - Type of print head is incorrect

After more than four years my printer indicates an error message U052 - Type of printhead is incorrect.  install correct printhead.  I have the PIXMA MP560.  Does anyone know what's up with this.  I removed the printhead and reinstalled it and that d...

dollad by Apprentice
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