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Canon IP7250 - Color won't print - Please help

I have a Canon IP7250, two day ago, my printer showed me error C000. I resolved this error, but now my printer won't printing in colour. Black working properly. I tried many times to cleaning a toner in mainteace. When I go to "print head alignment" ...

huja2009 by Apprentice
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Re: Error Code B200

I spent an entire day trying to solve the dreaded "Error code B200" issue.  Finally, after trying 8 or 9 suggested remedies, the error was cleared and I had full use of the printer.  Unfortunately, now the printer doesn't print!   I then went through...

MG 6320

Why does my printer use so much ink? I don't do a great deal of printing, and mostly B&W documents. The color inks run down and out with hardly any use. I don't get it ? ? ?

iP1800 printer problem

iP1800 printer isn't printing solid / dark black anymore. Anything that's supposed to be black is coming out light gray on white paper. Cartridge (#40) is half full, but a brand new cartridge does same thing. I've run all the deep cleaning and testin...

Hero1318 by Apprentice
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Grayscale printing

I have a Canon ip2600 printer, I only ever ever want to print grayscale. Do I have to have a color cartridge installed in the printer to have it work for grayscale printing only, even if not using it?thanks

patti by Apprentice
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Pixma iP7220 Lines across print

Using my printer for photos and thse dark lines are apprearing horzontally every half inch across my print. The printer is brand new, it seems to be worse on my luster inkpress paper. how do i make this go away?

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