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MB2020 stops scanning to pc

My printer is awesome and it would always scan to my pc.  For some reason, all of a sudden it no longer recognizes my pc.  I use it a lot to scan to emails.  When I reinstall the printer, it will scan as usual and then in a few hours or a day, it “fo...

Printer thinks new ink cartridge is empty

 I see others have reported similar issues but none of the responses they received have helped resolved my issue. We purchased a new Canon Pixma MG3022 and it came with new ink cartridges. I opened both cartridges and put them into the printer as ins...

Canon MG6450

hello,      Does anyone knows where this flat flex connector should connect into inside my printer (Canon MG6450) kindly help as soon as possible. thanks

paper jam (error) 1312. .

I had a paper jam  (error 1312).  Cleared paper jam a ran a number of copies and got another paper jam message.  Follwed all directions but can not find any paper jam.  Still getting error message 1312.  How do i reset printer to get rid of message s...

RPFISH17 by Apprentice
  • 8 replies

Printer is ignoring "properties" settings

Hi Forum Folke! I have a Pixma 920 multifunction printer/fax/scanner that's maybe a year and a half old.  It's always been flaky about printing to the correct paper (letter-size -vs- 4x6 photo paper), and recently it's started ignoriing settings in "...

cannot print double sided

Cannot print double sidedPlease kindly assist me. I am unable to select duplex printing or print double-side from my Mac. I have looked through the manual from the following link:

aurunar by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

iP7250 refuses to print from the upper tray

I've been trying to print on 4"x6" paper from the upper cassette of my iP7250. In the printer preferences I choose 4"x6" and a message tells me that the upper tray is selected. But if I close the preferences and reopen them, it tells me that it will ...

Creative Park My Art File Location

I have created an invite in the Creative Park.  I'd like to email it instead of printing to keep the integrity of the photos.  Is there some way I can do this?  I haven't found the file locations.  I don't want to pixelate the graphic by cutting and ...

rosie313 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Printer issues

I have a cannon Pixma MX922 and I seem to be having some issue with it when printing. The colors distort greatly and there is some serious banding going on with it. As a side note if I print it on normal printer paper the image comes out fine. This o...

Still unable to clear error code 5200 on my MP500

Hi still trying to clear this error code. I have exhausted all the different reset procedures.One call to Canon support states it is paper jam and another call to support stated the code indicates thermal overload.All 5 ink tanks were fresh 3 months ...

JimD53 by Contributor
  • 7 replies

IP4700 printing too light/not at all

I have a Canon ip4700 that has enough ink and a nozzle check looks fine.  But when I try to print Word documents (have not tried any non-Microsoft docs), most of it does not print.  There are a few very faint lines but most of it doesn't print.  The ...


After cleaning and deep cleaning and putting new cartriges in my 922mx, it still will not print magenta???

J1 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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