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IP4500 g tray PVC ID printing issue

My IP4500 is still alive and kicking ^_^ I've used it in the past to print onto discs,Now I purchased a G tray to print PVC ID cards but do not see the ID tray option in the print preferances. Only disc tray option. Do I need to update to a new softw...

MX922 Printer

I have a Pixma MX922 printer and when I put it in black and white print it prints in green instead of black ??How do I fix this problem ???   Thanks Dave VG

mg3122 by Apprentice
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Pixma G3400 Paper issues

My G3400 printer is less than a year old, I haven't had any issues with it until recently. When I try and print something the rollers continually spin, sometimes when it does take in a piece of paper to print, it pulls the paper in skew, thus causing...

Blurred text

Hi, I've developed a problem with my Canon PIXMA MG2550S (and my old one, MG2450). Since the latest major Windows 10 update, I have been getting blurred text. It is really noticeable in PayPal emails, to the point you can't actually read it. I can't ...

2017-07-17 at 09-19-04.jpg
youradds by Apprentice
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Printing problems from OSX 10.12.5

Problem 1: When I try to print to my Pixma 2450, a high quality photograph, I get an error. Fast or draft works but of course the quality is no good. Problem 2: Now the **bleep** thing won't print at all! 'Error occurred while printing'

Printer MX492 locked/frozen

Printer locked/frozen.  when I plug printer into any outlet and press power button, the green light appears but nothing on display and the printer does not respond to any buttons or computer commands.  this includes power button to turn off.  through...

MX 925 - Can't print on CDs

I just purchased it from about a month. I like it. It works well. But I have two problems:1. I can't print on CDs because of My Image Garden (3.6.1 for Mac) issue: when I click on "print" I get a window where there isn't the way to send the print to ...

Schermata 2017-11-17 alle 19.11.07.png MyImageGARDEN.gif
mnstudio by Apprentice
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MG 7150 Error code 1403

I have used the printer without incident until the last few days.  The error messsage reads "type of printer head is incorrect".  I have tried to follow instructions for other models but cannot figure out how to remove or reseat the printer head.  I ...

karen77 by Apprentice
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MX330 How to disable Wifi

I would like to disable Wifi on this printer.  Does anyone know how to do this.  I have been through settings but can't seem to find anywhere to do this.  Thanks 

KBH by Apprentice
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