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MX492 Error 2,156,50

I have recently installed an MX492.  Copying and printing work.  Attempting to scan produces the error message 2, 156, 50.  I have not found any useful explanation of what this means or how to repair it.  Any help would be appreciated. 

MG2950 Wireless issue

Lenovo  Thinkpad T540p - Windows7 SP1 Hi All, Having issue with this printer - Installs fine to wireless, prints all fine via wireless. Once I stop using it, say till next day I come back and go to print, it says printer ready, goto print and it sits...

rrrrrrob by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Error U051

I have just replaced the Black Ink Cartridge on a Pixma MX410 and I keep getting the U051 Message.  It is the right cartridge, How do I fix this? Thank you..

Pink dandelion

Pixma MP 282 .Since replacing the colour cartridge , yellow  has become pink : is this the fault of the - non-Canon - cartridge ? C.C .UK

Canon MG3200 Pixma is Printing Pictures Pink

Hello,    My problems are ONLY the printing of PICTURES, as the regular document printing is working fine.  I have checked the ink tanks numerous times, did all the tools  Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Head alignment, Nozzle check, etc.  When I attempt to...

JdgDredd by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

cannon mx 430 cannot install driver

Hi,I cannot install a driver to my printer.I have tryed manytimes with it seemingly to be a succesful install only to have a driver error pop up Do these printer just come to lifes end like this.It has wored flawlessly since the begining so i was won...

mp 600 skips lines

mp 600 alternately prints 4 lines and then skips 4 lines over and over again in a document when printing in black ink.

wiz by Contributor
  • 18 replies

Ink/toner empty!

Hello,I just purchased a TS8151 printer. I have an older mac laptop with OS 10.6.8. I didn't find a driver for my Mac, so I connected to the printer via Google print. I'm able to print from my phone and ipad, but when I send to print from my laptop i...

alinamn by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

How to remove output tray (front door) on MX922?

I bought the MX922 because I needed a printer under 18" deep, and the specs on the MX922 say it's 15.6" deep.  But when I print, the output tray (the door on the front) drops down, increasing the depth to something like 22".  In the tight space I hav...

CanonLaw by Contributor
  • 10 replies

Mp drivers will not install for mx430 printer.

I recently did a system restore, and now I cannot install the mp drivers for my mx430 printer. I have tried installing from both the disc and from the canon website, and have also tried both wirelessly and using the USB connection. The printer is con...

MG3022 --can find where to scan

I am looking everywhere for where the scanner button is.  When I press the black or color button, it prints what is sitting on the scan bed instead of scanning it.  The whole reason why I bought this model was because it is supposed to scan. Can you ...

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