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Canon mp600r print head stuck far right; will not centre when platen lifted...


Was scanning and suddenly the Canon Utilities etc.wouldn't respond - the Exit or scan again box frozen. Looked at Canon mp600r  to see the 5010 error code flashing


Powered down and waited a few minutes. Restored power and hoped the eror would go away; it didn't.


Opened (raised tre platen asassembly) to access the innards so as to access the print head at least; that seeming to be one possible problem area according to many posts about this erorr - thoughwhy when only scanning t the time?


it will not move from the extreme right to the centre. It's stuck thfar right and so is the error code 5010 flashing away.


What to do at this stage.; not wishing to take it to Canon repair centre and likely they will chrge more than a new printer.