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MG6600 Series Printer Properties Maintenance Tab

My household seems to forget to turn the wireless printer off after using it (it is set to auto start up), so I want to create a Task Scheduler task to do it automatically several times a day.  When you go to Printer Properties after installing the M...

MP560 C610 error

Hi all, I have an Canon Pixma MP560 printer. When powering up, I get a 6C10 error. After much Googling, I've tried resetting with the Service Tool (to no avail). I've taken a video of the internals at power up:

bainbrid by Apprentice
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Pixma MG5750 missing inks when printing

Hi All,I have purchased a new MG5750 which is not printing all the colours even though it is a brand new machine.I have tried deep cleaning about 10 times but no joy.I did install wirelessly to begin with thinking that could be the problem but no imp...

Rob12345 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

PIXMA TS8150 scans only half the page

Hello, I have a PIXMA TS8150 printer and since earlier today, it won't scan correctly.I was scanning 15 pages, the 3 first ones were going without any trouble and then suddenly it stopped working. It scans only half the page. I tried it both froml th...

Screenshot 2020-03-18 at 14.13.22.png
Darshada by Apprentice
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My TR8520 printer says it is connected to my internet, but when setting it up wireless it always runs into a connection fail. I have done all of the steps it says to follow after that and the connection still fails. If anyone knows anything about fix...

Paula3 by Apprentice
  • 5 replies

Pixma 922 not printing

Printer does not print from PGBK cartridge. Cartridge is OEM. Printer has been cleaned several times. Unit Firmware has been updated. Unit has been unplugged and restarted.  All other functions work perfectly. Trying to print from Macs. Is it trash?

TS8250 Scan options

My new TS8250 (like it so far) comes with very basic Canon IJ Scan Utility lite.Previously I used the Canon MP Navigator EX for the MG 6200 series.  Is there such a Scan Utility for the TS8250 does anyone know please?

Pixma MG3550 not printing black

Hello.  I have a Canon Pixma MG3550 printer which has worked very well for two years.  Now suddenly it is not printing with black ink.  The ink cartridge is new.  I thought it was the cartridge and replaced it, but it was not the cartridge.  Nor is i...

kcollord by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

MP480 no longer works after Win 10 Update

I've been using the Win 8 driver for this printer under Windows 10 for some years. On 3/11 there was a Windows Update and now my printer stalls with message: "collecting printer status". I know Canon never made a win10 driver for this device. But am ...

rmbelson by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

MX922 Scans too Bright, Not Dark Enough

When I scan with this, the scans are too bright.  How do I make them darker?  There seems to be no brightness setting for scanning.  There is a brightness setting for copying, but not scanning.  The only workaround is to copy the document first with ...

MP560 won't scan to my computer

Hello, I have a MP560 Pixma Printer which I have had for a few years now. I have a new Apple Air laptop operating on macOS Catalina 10.15 and can't seem to scan documents from the printer to this new laptop. What do I have to do? Or is the printer to...


I just recently got a support code 1403. never had this before. what have others been doing to resolve this? new printer? cleaning the heads? suggestions appreciated.

Print Head Alignment MX490--need help

Hello, Apparently something happened to my original message because I couldn't find it anywhere even though I looked then searched. I guess I did something wrong somewhere.... Anyway, the instructions my printer gives me when I try to align its print...

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