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Error during software install

I recently got a new computer and am attemptingto install the software for our PIXMA MG5420 on it.  The install normally progresses fine, UNTIL it comes to printer setup.  It registers tha the printer is connected to our Wi-Fi, but I keep getting 'Er...

Set up Pixma TS9120 with USB cable.

Hi,I would like to set up my TS9120 printer using a USB cable, but can't find any info about it. However I think that the USB plug in is just above the electrical plug in at the back corner of the printer?? Can anyone help with that? Many Thanks.

jerry128 by Apprentice
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Canon IP2770 printer error

Hi everybody. My printer is a Canon IP2770 even though I have installed the cartridge, but it still fails"The following ink cartridge cannot be recognized.            Color            Black Printing cannot be executed because the ink cartridge may no...

Cannon Printer

Why does my Canon MG5650 copy but will not print from computer, keep getting error message b203, had printer head off , cleaned and dried,

Canon TR 4520

I am on my second TR4520. The first one worked for a week and then the alignment went off and nothing fixed it.  So, I returned it. The second one worked for a week and then an envelope jammed. I got the envelope unjammed and now it throws an error 6...

PIXMA 3120

I have a pixma 3120 that stopped responding, in WINDOWS 10 and Ubuntu. Win 10 was wireles, ubuntu was cable connection; both stopped at same time; no error codes. When trying to print test page I WULD GET ERROR CODE!!! e02 wich is paper not pushed al...

cjw5819 by Apprentice
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Resolved! MG 5220 error code

Hello.  I have a Canon MG 5220, and it just gave a message, "B200 Printer error has occurred.  Unplug the power cord and contact the service center." Where is the "service center" and how do I contact it? Or can anyone here give me a clue as to what ...

Canon Pixma 922

I keep getting a 1403 error "type of print head is incorrect"  I am BEYOND frustrated.  I changed the cartridges with CANON print cartridges that I paid a ridiculous amount of money for versus the cheap knock offs, and I'm STILL getting the error.  L...

maptomey by Apprentice
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Pixma MG5600

Right in the middle of printing it just died.  Power is going to it, but nothing showing powered on the unit.  No lights, etc. What's going on with it?

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