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Selphy CP910 hangs "Busy"

I have a folder action set up in Mac OS X to automatically send any new pictures added to the folder to my Selphy CP910. This always works with the first picture, but the second picture sent to it always causes the printer to hang. It just says "Busy...

pselig by Apprentice
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Resolved! TS9020 printer prints with too much yellow

My TS9020 printer prints photos that are too yellowy. Does anyone know how to fix it? There are so many settings on the printer interface that trying them all out calls for weeks of testing. I am using Costco's Professional Glossy paper and have thei...

Ham50 by Apprentice
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Updated MX410 Driver Now Lost Scanning Function

I received a message when trying to scan a document via my desktop control panel function for the Canon MX410 that my driver was out of date.  I updated via the canon support website.  When I now open my printer via the control panel on my computer, ...

Kjsfmb by Apprentice
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Printer TS9050 Error message C000

After changing cartridges, my TS9050 printer shows error message C000, and will not start properly.There appeared to be a loose cog-wheel inside the printer (see images). Can anyone tell where this cog-wheel comes from and can I repair this myself?

Image00001.jpg Image00002.jpg Image00003.jpg
qg by Apprentice
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TR 8520 Always says "printing"

Hello, I just got the TR8520 printer. When I print (wirelessly) from my laptop the printer will stay in "printing mode" and the document will always stay in the que.  When I print from my apple devices this does not happen.  Any help would be appreci...

pjh6564 by Apprentice
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Cannon MX922: The Type of Print Head is Incorrect

Just as the title says, I tried to use my printer and I am recieving this error message and cannot seem to fix it after reseating the ink cartridges. If someone could walk me through this, I would greatly appreciate it. I have a cannon MX922. Thank y...

bonker by Apprentice
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Pixma mx922 wps connected, but printer offline?

So I just got this bad boy of a printer (Love it) and went through the installation. Everything went swimmingly except the wlan. So I long pressed the wps button on my router, pressed ok on the appropriate dialog screen on the printer, and then got t...

MG6320 image misaligned on CD/DVD

When I print images on CDs and DVDs the image is misaligned vertically by nearly 1/2 inch.  I have tried several programs like Paint, Windows Live Photo, Picture Viewer, Microsoft Office Picture Viewer, GIMP, Photoshop Elements, ArcSoft Photo Studio,...

Error Code 5100 - MG7720

I have 2 MG7720 printers. One recently has started jamming the paper and giving me the error 5100. I have been using the same paper for a long time, so I think the paper type I set on my printer is fine. However, I am now using a custom size - half l...

Canon My Image Garden v3.6.1

I have had this Canon MG7720 printer for over a year now. It has been working flawlessly. I am having issues with My Image Garden v3.6.1.  I print a DVD label on my dvd and it prints each one faded out and not true colors. When I print the same exact...

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