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TS8270 5011 error code

Switch on my printer TS8270 for the first time and having error code 5011. Cant even go further stucked at error page. Checked inside printer feeder and compartment seems normal.

znco by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

MG3520 Frozen will not turn off

My MG3520 seems to be frozen. stuck with the power light on and the 4x6 photo paper light on.  I have tried to unplug it, hold any combo of buttons down to hard reset it and nothing seems to work.  It won't even turn off by pressing the power button....

mtine15 by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

Try to print on CDs and get paper jam error

Everytime I load my CD tray and try to print on a printable CD, it always give me a paper jam error but I don't have no paper in the printer, just the CD. I am using a PIXMA TS8322 and trying to print on CDs for first time but I think my CD tray keep...

mx922 printer fails due to "no paper in upper tray"

I try to print with iphone, but alway got this no paper in upper tray error ( I have paper in lower tray), looks like this is a canon software issue, if I can not resolve this, I will need to return this product, this is only two days old. thx

rchen by Apprentice
  • 111 replies

Error 1405 Canon Pixma IX6810

 Hello, I have a Canon Pixma IX6810 and the last days it has a thrown methe error 1405, I bought a  new printhead but it doesn´t work, I would like to know if someone knows how to fix it, because i live far away from places experts in repairs this ar...

Blurry print by PIXMA MX922

My MX922 is now blurring the letters.  Looks like a shadow of each letter.  Did all the maintenance and it did not fix the problem.  Even put in a new black ink cartridge.  That did not fix problem.  Paper is good paper.  Any ideas.

TS8320 Not Printing Text

I have been trying to print from the TS8320.  Oddly enough, it will print images, but not text (It will print lines and URLS on the page, but no other text).  Things I have preformed: 1.  Nozzle check2.  Cleaning3.  Deep Cleaning4.  Print Head Alignm...

Pixma MX922

My printer at work keeps reading error B200, it wont print anything. I have unplugged it and let sit for 30 seconds, I have removed all ink and put new in. Please help. What do i do?

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