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PIXMA iX6820 Unwanted lines of ink droplets

I hope someone can help! I have a Canon ix-6820 photo printer. Each time I print, I get a line of small black dots along the bottom edge of the paper. I've tried cleaning the rollers and bottom plates but to no avail. I also cleaned the print heads a...


pixma mg5320 stopped printing

my mg5320 suddenly stopped printing. I performed several cleanings and several deep cleanings and it still shoots out blanks. It doesn't print ink test patterns either. Everything I try produces blank pages.

dani1157 by Apprentice
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CANON MG3200 Offline

Help. My CANON MG3200 will not print wirelessly, It says printer is offline. I can use it if I hookup the USB. but that is not convenient.

Jlyn by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Canon Pixma MG5020 Not Printing Cyan

Last night [7/3/2022] I did a Nozzle Check and it was good and then 5 minutes later when I tried to print something with color and the Cyan color won't print. I did several Cleanings and 2 Deep Cleanings and still Cyan and Print Head alignment and st...

DKolins_0-1656966709074.png DKolins_3-1656966940958.png
DKolins by Contributor
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Ink notifications

I have a PIXMA MX922. It used to give me ink status information on my computer screen as a pop up whenever I printed anything. And when I was running low, it would offer me a one button link to the Canon website, to buy the exact ink cartridge I need...

elle72 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Pixma MX455

I have just bought an ASUS VivoBook 15 and apparently my printer PIXMA MX455 is not compatible with Windows 11 Any suggestions as to what I can do.  The printer is in excellent condition and should not have to be redundant

PIXMA MX920 ADF Malfunction

My MX920 ADF has stopped feeding documents for copying.  I get the beep when placing the documents in the ADF, but when I hit start I get a message to place the original on the platen.  There is no jam or obstruction and I have cleaned the rollers.  ...

MG7720 Printer

   My printer has an annoying problem. When I print Web content (Text Page), the first 3 letters of a sentence are truncated. This problem doesn't happen with any other printing.

GL100 by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

MG6860 is not printing PGBK black

I have researched quite a number of posts re this problem and have gone through a ream of paper and ink cartridges by doing cleaning, deep cleaning and nozzle checks - Including going through 2 PGBK cartidges. Here's the thing ... The printer is not ...

Wayne54 by Apprentice
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MX922 won't power on

Hello,My PIXMA MX922 won't power on. It was working fine one day, and the next there were no lights, sounds, nothing. It appears to have completely died. I tried the Canon troubleshooting steps below, but nothing appears to work. The serial number is...

MX472 having the reboot issue

Hi, my Pixma MX472 is having the same reboot-loop issue people have described for other Pixma models.  I'd like Canon to post a firmware update that can be used with this model.  Thanks!  

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