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Scanning through a USB Connection

I'm trying to set up my daughter's TR7520 for use in a college dorm.  Everything works fine wirelessly, but she will not be able to connect the printer to the wireless network in her dorm.  I can print from the computer using a USB cord, but I am una...

Printer not printing

Have a Pixma 2500. When I print, the printer seems to print but the pages come out blank. I checked the ink levels and they are not empty. What else could be wrong? The problem first occurred and then it printed ok when I tried again, only the bottom...

JChang by Apprentice
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Black and White Printing

My Canon TR8520 is printing, scanning, and copying in color even though all settings are Black and White.  Too make it worse the colors being printed do not match the original document.  Have tried all maintenance items including the deep cleaning, n...

Resolved! Pixma G5020 Printing Purple Instead of Black

All of a sudden, my G5020 is printing purple instead of black. It's been working absolutely ok and printing actual black up until now, but today, in the middle of a sheet, it started printing purple instead of black. I'm printing out the nozzle-check...


MG3520 does not recognize new black ink cartridge

I am using the MG3520.  I installed a new black ink cartridge and it will not update.  I have cleaned the nozzle and have done the deep cleaning, MULTIPLE times in addition to the bottom plate cleaning and roller cleaning.  I wiped the contacts on th...

axamiona by Apprentice
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Error message incorect printhead (U052)

I suppose that since there was a class action lawsuit for this error regarding the wrong printhead several years back that putting  my name on the list is moot. Now, all of a sudden this problem arrises with my PIXMA MP620 and I cannot use the printe...

Dolon01 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

new printer G4120 will not print

Just set up my new printer followed all steps. Everything seemed to be working fine did test prints from mobile device & tablet but when I went to print a word document it goes through the process but nothing prints on the paper it’s completely blank...

New MX922 won't print

Hello, I have just purchased and installed a new Pixma MX922 printer and connected it wirelessly to my home network.  Going through the install I put in the ink cartridges (all light up) and attempted to go through the print head alignment.  The page...

gojurick by Apprentice
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Black ink print double (mg5650)

Hi everybody! My printer print everythink double and smeared. But, just the black! I bought new print head, but the problem is same. What do you think, what is the problem? Example photos: PHOTO_1 PHOTO_2 Thanks for reply!

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