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Resolved! Start Up CD

Hi, I am trying to locate a start up CD for my iP6700D. Can anyone offer any assistance ? Thank you.


printer was working complete fine then all of the sudden it through up an error code and wont do anything. we have unplugged and let sit for 12 hours and it still doesnt work. what can we do? cannon customer support doesnt do anything but have me in ...

g4210 not printing black

I had an streaks across my initial print.  Went to clean nozzle settings to elimate the issue.  After nozzle clean I tried to reprint the article and now I am getting red print only .  Retried nozzle clean again with no luck.  HELP!

TR8520 Scanning partially black pages

Hello All,      My TR8520 has started to partially scan the documents I place on the glass for printing or for scanning.  Seems like the scanner is moving all of the way across the documents possibly?  Sounds like it is working correctly, but it is s...

Canon G6040 Windows 10 issues

Hi,I have Canon G6040 with my Windows 10 system and it works fine.I have connected it with ethernet cable.The problem is that it seems the drivers are not working properly.Each time I print something most of the times the print is delayed from 15 min...

Resolved! MX922 Scanner stopped working all of a sudden.

I have a Canon PIXMA MX-922 and the scanner stopped working (right in the middle of something important). It was working fine for like two years, now it's kaput. It prints fine on USB. I've googled this and see lots of similar questions but nothing I...

scanner error 2.PNG scanner error.PNG

TR 8520 printing problems

I previously had the MX 922 and loved it, until it just stopped printing.  I bought the TR 8520 thinking it would be a quick plug and play...not.I cannot consistently get this printer to print.  After I got it set-up it was printing fine.  Now I can'...

Tjfeast by Contributor
  • 9 replies

model number

hi not able to find model no.seriel no-lsvbxxxxxpl help [Masked serial number per forum guidelines]

bire83 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Canon printer Pixma TR4500 Series

Something went wrong in my computer settings. I could scan documents and save in the c drive until now. Then I added an antivirus protecter programme and error messages started to come. Then I removed the antivirus protector programme. But still i ge...

KUMAR by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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