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TS9521C won't print from rear feeder


how do I set up rear feeder printing? I set up the paper settings, but the printer won't register, only printing from the main feeder



Hi jfiorentino!


To have a better understanding of your issue, please let everyone know the operating system on your computer. Any other details you'd like to give will only help the Community better understand your issue.

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of course - I have a MacBook Air (M1, 2020)

Just bought one. Same issue. I'm returning it this weekend if I'm not provided a solution. This printer was way too expensive to not perform as advertised. 

did you ever get this resolved?  My rear feeder was working perfectly and then it wasn't. it is brand new.  I've tried everything, reset everything.  Really need to figure it out!  Help!

Mike-I am having the same issue.  The rear feeder was feeding card stock a few days ago, and now I set it up to print and it starts make noises and then tells me that the front cassette is not in with error code 1871 ....the front cassette is not supposed to be in so that it bypasses to print from the rear.  Why is it no longer working????


mine was working just fine 2 days ago....then it stopped feeding from the rear and tells me that my cassette is not in.  Any suggestions?  Ive tried resetting but it is beyond me.  is it broken?  It is brand new!



Please try these steps:
1.  Press the gear icon at the bottom of your PIXMA TS9521C's display ArthurJ_0-1696509145966.jpeg

2.  Tap Feed settings.

3.  Tap Detect paper setting mismatch.

4.  Tap Disable.

5.  Tap the Home icon in the upper left corner.

Attempt to print.

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