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MG 6620 black only print is blurry

I added paper at the same time my printer was trying to pull in a sheet of paper to print on and it grabbed about 10 sheets of paper. All pages came out together like they were one sheet of paper.  After that happened, the black print coming from the...

lrkuta by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Pixma G7020 Stops Printing

I just bought this printer and hooked it up.  I am using Debian Bullseye with Xfce 4.16.  I loaded the Linux software that was available for download.CUPS sees the printer and it printers nicely.  The scanner software on my system finds the printer a...

KitchM by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

Canon G3010 does not print black properly

Good night, everyone. Recently, my canon G3010 began to not print black properly, leaving many blank lines and missing text. However, it does print perfectly in Photo Paper Glossy or Photo Paper Matte or even if i use the "Save ink/toner" in Adobe. H...

PIXMA TR4722 False Paper Jam Message

my tr4722 printer wont work. It says there is a paper jam, but no paper is in there. I took it completely apart this past weekend, and when i went to print something two papers went thrugh and came out just fine. Now it keeps sayig paper jam.

ink on skin

My printer pixma TR8620a needed blue ink. I took off the cartridge  plastic and wrapper and installed the new blue ink cartridge. Found blue ink on my fingers. Wouldn't wash off, vinegar didn't work, paint remover wouldn't work, paint thinner no, alc...

Pixma MG 2910 printer alarm

My printer alarm light is flashing along with the start (green) light.  Both ink cartridges are properly installed.  Also, the “print” menu line is blank on my laptop.  When I attempt to scan I get a “printer is busy” message.  I think I need to do a...

Ssschwab by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

PIXMA MX922 Won't Print on New Windows 11 Desktop

I recently got a new desktop and Windows 11.  I plugged in the Pixma 920 (which I have had for a few years) and it comes on but when I am going to print it shows the Printer that I would normally select but when I hit "print" it states: "Printer Not ...

dkwash by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Resolved! My PIXMA TS3320 Prints Small Font Light

My printer prints the small font very light yet prints larger font as normal. I cleaned the heads and that didn't help. I did a print check and the color part did not print at all and the black ink test was normal. Will installing a new color cartrid...

Cannon TR7020 paper tray won't close

I can't seem to get the paper tray to close.  It is a brand new printer, I may have actually opened the tray about four times, and now it won't go back. It appears something is keeping it from seating back in all the way, and I can't seem to find out...

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