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ink refills for MX492

I have a MX492 desktop printer and accidentally bought the wrong packages of ink refills.  I should have purchased 245xl, but instead  brought home 210xl.  I thought the list on the package included my printer, but realized when I went to use one tha...

MX350 Support on Windows 11

I just bought a new laptop preinstalled with Windows 11. I can't find any W11 drivers on Canon's download site. When I use one of the utilities, it seems happy detecting it as W10 but then when it errors out when trying to install the drivers.In this...

DS256 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

PIXMA TS3322 Error P10

I am getting P 1 0 error on printer. I have turned it off and back on. After I have turned off and back on, I opened the printer and the cartridges are not visible

TR8620a prints half lines

Got everything set up fine but when it prints it is half letters. Not every line but most and causes the document to be unreadable. I have cleaned the nozzle so many times now its telling me ITS CLEAN! I have also aligned it again. Not sure what to d...

ix6820 magenta out of control

If a photo has no red, or all the red in one place, it prints fine.  If there is red-dish throughout, there's way too much magenta in the entire print.  And a black and white print appears sepia.  I've done all the things to the printer I could but t...

TR4720 cartridge error

I have a printer I bought in July, TR4720 and am trying to replace the black ink. I replaced the black 275 with the black 245 cartridge. They are supposed to be compatible, but I keep getting the "reinstall correctly" message.  Are they not compatibl...

What Ink Subscription Is Best?

I recently bought a Canon printer, the TS6420a model. I would like to take advantage of one of the ink subscriptions plans that are available. I am constantly busy, and I am on a third shift schedule. So, it's hard for me to reach out to canon and as...

PIXMA G3260 Still in Production?

Is the Pixma G3260 still a production printer? I only see refurbished units on I have used the higher end ink tank Canon's for the office. I want my next printer at home to have the ink tanks, but I don't want to purchase a printer that is...

SteveB63 by Apprentice
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