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PIXMA TS3420 Missing CD

I just bought this printer it didn`t come with a cd I can`t find this printer on the canon setup page so i can't get the drivers and i`am unable to use it.Can anyone help what do i do

PIXMA MX922 Error Code 1007

I have a Prixma MX922. I am trying to print a document from my Samsung S9 android. I have downloaded everything  properly but continue using to get error code 1007 which has something to do with the paper.  There are 2 trays but only 1 holds regular ...

Rondi by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

TR8520 PGBK showing used but it is brand new

Replaced TR8520 PGBK used cartridge with new cartridge. Printer display screen shows that it is a "used" cartridge and will not print using that cartridge.Solutions tried:Inserted new cartridgeUnplugged the printer and plugged it back inTried another...

TRyork by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Pixma G6020 printing black as brown, no cyan at all

I swear I didn't do anything except give my printer a new password for the house wi-fi. Since then, anytime I try to print black—even if I tell the printer to print in grayscale rather than color—instead of black, I get brown. And a nozzle check show...

Catbus by Contributor
  • 7 replies

PIXMA TR8622 Prints But Won't Scan

Hi! I am having an issue with my printer communicating with my laptop. Specifically it won't scan- It prints though - I tried scanning through my laptop and even directly on the printer - very suspicious because I never had an issue before. It was te...

My Canon MX922 has horizontal lines when I print.

Canon MX922 is printing horizontal lines on prints. I've deep cleaned, checked for clogged nozzles, roller cleaned, checked head alignments, added new ink, flushed the printhead for 15 min, dried overnight. Still printing horizontal lines (width) of ...

MJahde by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

TR8520 not printing!!!

the ink was running very low, black was completely out so I just replaced the black ink cartridge (just 281 black cartridge). Then I tried to print some documents in black and white and it made all the normal noise but a plain white paper came out, n...

AKS1 by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

Canceling Ink Subscription

I keep getting ink in the mail that I didn't order, and the payment deducted from my bank.  How do I stop this insanity.  I'm a stroke victim and maybe print a couple of pages a month, i.e., wife's recipes...please help me..!

Pixma MG7520 stopped connecting to Mac mini

My above printer was working fine until yesterday when I had a paper jam.  I was able to easily disengage it from the back.  When I went to resume printing, it would not connect.  In Queue view and blue line goes back and forth as if searching for co...

DaTh by Contributor
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PIXMA MG7720 USB connection settings

Help! My modem/router died and am waiting for delivery. In the meantime I am trying to print from my MacBook Pro direct to the printer using the USB cable that came with the printer. My computer keeps saying it can't find the printer. There must be s...

Roxi50 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

ip8720 pgbk cleaning needed too often

When it has been a few days since I used the printer, the black comes out splotchy. I clean the pgbk head once, and the nozzle pattern looks good, and all is well. A few days later and the problem repeats. I installed a new pgbk tank, but problem did...

d47binc by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Resolved! PIXMA TR7022a Questions About Buttons

Hi,There's too much reading material in the online manual and I didn't have any luck with my searches.2 buttons I'm wondering about.  I'm guessing the QR button is for linking to a cell phone?  I mainly print from PC.Then what's the link button for?

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