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PIXMA G3270 General Questions Regarding The Printheads -- Black And Color.



Hello. Nice to meet you! I own the Canon PIXMA G3270 printer. It has been a great MegaTank printer. I have been personally pleased with it. At some point, the printheads will need replacing. I have been doing some online searching and am having difficulty finding information on these printheads for the G3270 printer. I would like to get some information from you on the G3270’s printheads – both black and color. I have some questions to ask you about them. Please reply at your earliest convenience. 

  1. First, I need to know for the Canon G3270 printer, what the specific printhead model or item/part number is for: (a) black, and (b) color? Please provide the model or item/part numbers for both black and color.
  2. Are both the Canon G3270 printheads user-serviceable with the Canon G3270 printer or not? Please explain.
  3. (a) From your answer to question number 1 above, are these specific printhead models or item/part numbers can ONLY be used for the Canon G3270 printer model SPECIFICALLY… or can these same printhead models/item/part numbers be used for other Canon printers as well besides the Canon G3270? (b) If these printheads can be used for other Canon printers as well, what Canon models or Canon printer series can these printheads be used for? Please explain or list the other Canon printer series or models.
  4. Where can I order the Canon G3270 printheads (both black and color) on the Canon website? Canon URL website please with prices.
  5. What other official Canon resellers sell both black and color printheads for the Canon G3270 besides Canon? Please name some other Cannon resellers and/or their URL websites.

Please reply.

Thank you for your cooperation!


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