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PIXMA TS3522 Installing Replacement Ink Cartridge


Good Afternoon GD Community,

If you are having issues reloading a refill ink cartridge this is what I found. When replacing the cartridge just place the cartridge in the tray don't try to push it in because that is what those lights and errors are about. Every printer responds differently regardless if it's similar to what you may have used previously. So, just set each cartridge one at a time in it's own tray and lift the lever to lock it in place. Do the color one and then the black one. Now the lights go out. After doing this you need to check if the heads are properly set so do a check by pressing the ok key or the key that brings up the number 1 on the display then press ok. Each number is something different for the machine, such as nozzle check, etc. Whenever I change my cartridges, I always do this check to make sure my printing is successful. I'm a long winded person so I hope this helps.



This information for the replacement cartridge for Canon IJ Printer TS3522. Check your online manual for your specific printer.

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