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HP Laptop Can't Find Canon MX452 Printer

I Don't Know the How and the Why of it ?? Or if the Printer is being selective on what it will Print ? The objective was to Print off a copy of an email to an online purchase (PO number & Shipping) I followed the prompts right up to clicking Print.. ...

NorPlan2 by Contributor
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PIXMA G7040 error 13,202,4 when scanning

When I trying to scan anything using Canon IJ scan utility, I am receiving an internal error 13,202,4. This error does not occur every time, but three times out of four. Sometimes the scan goes well. I have Canon Printer Pixma G7040, connected by USB...

gedonis by Contributor
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PIXMA TS9521C Shuts Down After 4 Seconds

My PIXMA 9521C decided to stop printing half way through a print run and shut down unexpectedly. It now powers on, but shuts down after about 4 seconds.Symptoms - I can power it on with the control panel down and it stays powered on, but continues to...

Pixma MG5320 B200 error

I've tried everything I could find online to resolve the B200 error on my Pixma MG5320. I've cleaned the print head.  I've removed all of the ink tanks. I've repositioned the print head in the center before powering on and then closing the lid when t...

PIXMA MX922 Support Code B200

I'm looking for help to my MX922 printer. The support code is B200. My printer stopped printing whilCan anyone help me get my printer working? I'm in need of getting some items printed ASAP.Thanks 

Nola1 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

PIXMA TR7020a Paper Jam Error but no paper jam

Model TR7020a .    Less than year old, not much use.  I get an error code 1300 which means a paper jam, but there is no paper jam in the printer.  If you have any suggestions, or the tel # for Canon tech service (I tried a couple and getting the croo...

Help G2200 is printing red as brown

It prints out the Nozzle Checks fine.I adjusted my screen calibration and printer settings and neither fixed the issue.I checked the drivers and they are all up to date.Yellow and blue are printing fine. The only color that can't print correctly is r...

Bruno7 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Canon Pixma G620 Not Printing Accurately

Hello all, I just purchased a new Canon Pixma G620 with hopes to be able to make and sell prints. I know its not a top of the line printer, but its a solid starting point to gain knowledge and experience before upgrading. I want to produce the most a...

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