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PLEASE HELP - PIXMA MG5750 & iX6850 too dark but perfect with cheap ink






I have a MG5750 I print from my iPad and it prints perfect on photo paper and normal paper and I use the cheaper Amazon cartridges. This is old and started to be unreliable so I decided to by a new printer I think this was the MG3650 the quality was awful so I returned it.

i found a second hand MG5750 and it came with genuine cannon inks, my image was nowhere near as good as my original printer, normal and photo paper. I changed the ink to my Amazon ink and it suddenly started printed perfect again


Previously before testing the second hand printer I had purchased the IX6850 because of the high DPI specs ( I thought this was my print quality issue ) so I set this up and printed the image and again this was also terrible quality compared to my original printer. This was also with the genuine canon in it came with..

I want to understand why this is happening. I am printing from my iPad and phone and the older printers using the Amazon ink is working perfect but on regular paper and photo paper but every printer that I have used the cannon ink is awful


I am using the older printer but I’m worried when it breaks I will still have this issue so would like to understand to prepare for the future 



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