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Canon Printer G3610 - Printing Green & Yellow!

Hi,My printer has been working extremely well up until now.I decided to do a maintenance clean as there were a few stripes when printing in colour.Since I have done that, it now only prints in red & yellow!All cartridges are half or 3/4's full. They ...

PIXMA G3260 won't hook up to Linux HELP!

I just got a PIXMA G3260 printer, and tech support helped me set it up, but could not get my Linux os to connect with it! When I look up 'computer' in the menu, it shows the correct printer, but it does not print. My previous canon printer worked fin...

PIXMA MG3620 Has Stopped Printing Pictures

Hi!My MG 3620 printer has stopped printing pictures. It will only print documents. When I try to print a photo, the box just disappears, and the printer doesn't do anything. I have tried printint several pictures with no luck, but I have no problems ...

Canon pixma ip8720 not installing drivers.

When attempting to install drivers, it detects the printer but after a few minutes it says cannot detect printer. check that the printer is on and that the cable is connected if the printer has not been detected even thought it is connected. disconne...

pdxhiker by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Print Tubes Empty but Tanks Full in G7020

My G7020 won't print color. I've run the utilities -- clean the print heads, deep clean (keep getting error code 5200), ink flush -- but nothing works. I opened up the lid and the tubes that run from the ink tanks are mostly empty. The cyan is is ful...

PIXMA G7020 Stopped Printing

My pixma G7020 just stopped printing. **bleep** is 2 years old. The feeder feeds the paper and the paper roll through, but it does not print anything, B/W or Color. - Printer is connected to WiFi. I have restarted my router to reconnect multiple time...

PIXMA TS3522 Print Job Restarting

First off, let me say that having to sign up for a forum is annoying. If you're not going to offer manned chat support, then at least streamline the sign up process by using an SSO or 3rd party like Google or Facebook for crying out loud. Second, 3 t...

Laine by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Resolved! PIXMA TR7022a pushes top margin down

As stated above, my barely 1 yr. old printer is now pushing the top margin down.  Today, I had to set top margin at 0.5" in Win10 Word for it to print at little over 1".  Goal is 0.75".  At 0.75" set, then it prints starting about 1.5" down on the pa...

PIXMA TS8320 Print quality issues

I’ve been having issues with the print quality of my Canon TS8320 for a little while now. I’ve gone through the programmed process for cleaning the printer heads and clearing clogs, and I even tried a cleaning solution kit to flush out any other bloc...

Kal-El by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

PIXMA MX360 Windows 10 Compatibility

I have a Windows 10 laptop (Dell XPS 13) and the MX360 driver installation will not finish.  It cannot Detect Printer.  I have tried 2 USB cables, and every time I plug it in, my laptop beeps, so it's detecting something.  I have downloaded the mp68-...

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