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Canon Camera Connect App

Hello!  I am creating a self-portrait project and I am using the Canon Camera Connect App with my 5D, Speedlight, and iPhone. My issue is that my camera loses connection so quickly! Then when I go to reconnect through the app, it can't find the netwo...

Photoshop Elements 2021

I use Lightroom as my RAW processor and editor. I never really felt like I needed Photoshop or even PSE. In LR, I can clean most stuff up and can generally edit/adjust my photos to my liking before exporting them. However, I see that Adobe is running...

John_SD by Whiz
  • 7 replies

REBEL SL1 Cannot start video via EOS Webcam Utility

I'm having difficulty getting a Rebel SL1 to work with Windows 10 via Zoom as a webcam. I'm fairly confident I have the driver properly installed. I've tried both the SL1 driver and the SL2 driver. In both cases, I am able to select the EOS Webcam Ut...

Do I need to install the included Canon software?

I recently bought a Canon T4i and I love it. I have Lightroom on my Mac and have gotten pretty good at using it. I haven't installed either of the two disks that came with the camera. One reason is the last canon I had, a point and shoot, came with s...

tejas15 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

How to skip existing images with Camera Connect

When using Camera Connect to download images to my android table from my R5 is there any way to skip existing files? It appears to always download all the files on the R5 memory card even though some of the files have already been downloaded.

Webcam Utility not working

I installed Webcam Utility for MacOS (Catalina 10.15.7). Unfortunately I cannot select the Webcam Utility in any of the programs tried (e.g. Zoom) as it does not even show up as an option. I tried reinstalling Webcam Utility etc. but nothing seems to...

PDS by Contributor
  • 1 replies

Webcam with 70D

I downloaded the webcam software from Canon. I am running Catalina. I am using a 70 D. When I tried to use it with Google Meet,  it does not list the camera.  

pasjk by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Where can I download Digital Photo Professional v3.x?

I have been using DPP v3 for years.  I recently changed to a new computer and needed to install a fresh version which turned out to be DPP v4.  The trouble is that v4 is not an incremental upgrade, it is virtually a completely different app.  In many...

Webcam Utility

Having learned through Peta Pixel that a new version of EOS Webcam Utility has been issued I eagerly followed the instructions through clicking on "downloads & software". After that I couldn't find a "software tab" anywhere on the page except the thu...

Canon not launching when plugged into MacBook

This has never happened before, I've used the same computer and camera for my last two photo shoots with no issues. Today I plugged in my camera and nothing happened. I searched for hours to even find the camera, yes it was recognized but I couldn't ...

OBS & Webcam Utility Not Working (Mac)

Hi,  I've been trying to use my Canon m50 within OBS via the Webcam Utility. Unfortunatly I haven't been able to do it on two seperate Macbook pros. I upgraded one from High Sierra to Catalina to see if that would make a difference but no go. I don't...

EOS Webcam Utility works on one PC but not on another

Camera: Rebel T6 EOS works on one PC with EOS Utilty and EOS Webcam Beta, but not on second PC with fresh install of latest version of EOS Webcam. I've confirmed Wifi/NFC is disabled and the second computer doesn't have EOS Utility installed. I conne...

Bunches by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Canon Camera Connect + iPhone

The problem: thousands of unwanted photo folders titled "Canon 6D Mark II" on iPhone generated by the Camera Connect app and no way of removing them. It first happened with iPhone 8 and now that I bought an iPhone 12 Pro, I'm struggling with it again...

EOS Utility not showing up as an option.

Hello! I have installed the EOS Utility 3.13.10 for Windows or the Canon 80D. When I open the utility, my camera is connected fine and I can use the live view. Unfortunately, the EOS utility doesn't show up as an option anywhere else. It doesn't show...

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