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CR3 File format issue on windows 10


My girlfriends SSD just died mid upload of some pictures from her cameras SD card. She lost everything on the SSD. The SSD was where windows was installed so it crashed her computer and changed somethings. She had back ups on two separate HHD for her pictures so its not a big deal in regards to the photos, but the issue now is every single picture she took that was in the .RAW format is now .CR3 and will no longer open. Even pictures she just took only upload as .CR3 when they were all importing as .RAW before. We checked her camera is still in RAW mode and I understand the CR3 is cannons proprietary RAW format, but everything was importing as RAW before with out issue were now it only imports as .CR3. Does anyone know how to fix this issue and get her pictures back to RAW and make her future pictures import as RAW instead of CR3? I should add Microsoft Raw extension does not work for opening the photos but does display a file image in the folder.



.CR3 (as is .CR2) are Canon RAW images.  Those are the proper file extensions.


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1. what software are you using to open the files? Download Canon DPP4.

2. what software did you use to import the files. Canon RAW files have a file extension of .CR3 (or .CR2), as ricky said. They have never had .RAW as a file extension.

"Microsoft Raw extension does not work for opening the photos but does display a file image in the folder" The Microsoft RAW extension is not a software product for opening files. It is what is called a "codec". It allows the RAW file to be read by the operating system and have the embedded JPEG show up as an image when the files are viewed in a folder. Without the extension the files would simply be displayed as an icon.

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