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Losing WiFi Signal When EOS Utility is loaded


My entire home wireless network was losing Wi-Fi signal speed.  After troubleshooting it was determined that my Windows 10 computer was causing the problem.  When the computer was turned off, the Wi-Fi signal strength returned.  Further troubleshooting determined that the cause of the problem was Canon's EOS Utility which was automatically starting when the computer booted.  Once the utility was removed from automatic start-up, the Wi-Fi signal strength returned.  I don't know what this utility does that would be causing me to lose wireless signal strength, but I'm certain that it was the culprit. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. For now, I have stopped this utility from running on my Windows 10 computer.  



I can't guess why you're having this problem, but an easy solution is to not use WiFi. WiFi adds complication that seems to cause hassles for people. Connecting the camera to the computer via USB cable is lots more reliable. 

And if you are using EOS Utility JUST to transfer files to the computer (which is what it will want to do by default after you install it), you don't need EU or any other program. The camera appears as a drive on the computer, which you can open and find photo files and copy/move them by hand. Or, put the memory card in a USB card reader plugged into the computer.



Losing WiFi signal when using the EOS Utility on a Canon camera can be a common issue. This problem is often caused by interference from other WiFi devices or other electronic devices in the environment. To resolve this issue, the user can try the following steps:

Change the channel: Some WiFi networks may be set to a channel that interferes with other networks. The user can change the channel of their network to a different one.

Update the firmware: The camera's firmware may need to be updated to ensure compatibility with the latest version of the EOS Utility. Dinar Guru

Disable other WiFi devices: The user can turn off other WiFi devices in the area to reduce interference.

Move the camera closer to the router: The user can move the camera closer to the router to improve the signal strength.

Reset the camera's WiFi settings: The user can reset the camera's WiFi settings to the default values and reconfigure the network connection.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, the user should contact Canon technical support for further assistance.



How are you measuring the strength of your Wi-Fi signal?

It sounds very odd for local WAP to lose signal strength because a Wi-Fi connected device has open an application that is able to use Wi-Fi, even though the app is not actively using Wi-Fi.

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