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Serial Number.

Hello, I was trying to download something for my canon powershot elph 190 IS but to access the software I need my cameras serial number. Turns out mine does not have one, its just a smooth, flat tag. What do I do? 

kaleb by Apprentice
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Canon DPP Software Download

I recently purchased an R5 and am looking to download the Canon DPP software. I have had a hell of a time even finding a download location, and when I have, it is Japan EU or other locations other than US. I thought I had located the right file, but ...

Color Profiles in Lightroom

Hi, So I bought a new camera (Canon EOS R) and I absolutely love it but I am having issues with Ligthroom and the Color profiles. I shoot in RAW so when Import images from the SD drive in Lightroom some of my images give me Adobe Profiles (Adobe Colo...


Resolved! Live view crashes (it does not work at all)

When I press live view button, Eos utility crashes every time.And the connection between the camera / PC is completely unstable and this way, because eos utility does not see my camera right after these crashes.EOS pairing software shows nothing, eve...

GaborK by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Canon M50 Mark II question

Hey Everyone,I just got myself a Canon M50 Mark II, also owning the M50. I got the Mark II so that I could have "Clean HDMI" out of the camera. Currently I have the setting set for that. I put the HDMI cable into the camera, and then into my capture ...

dutehoki by Apprentice
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Rebel T6 not recognized by EOS Utility versions 2 OR 3 --

Hello everyone -- I have a Rebel T6, which I am trying to connect to my EOS Utility software so I can shoot tethered. My computer recognizes the camera when I plug in the USB cable and I can download using the computer's native Image Capture software...

kwetal by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

Unable to update R5 firmware

Hi,My R5 does not recognized the firmware saved on the as card. Continue to get an error message stating “memory card containing software is required to update”. Any tips on how I can get this firmware installed? thanks!!!

mking17 by Apprentice
  • 14 replies

Canon Photo Professional software

Had a canon 1200d and canon photo professional worked great on my iMac. Just bought a second hand canon 80d and the software can’t read the raw files. I’m based in Ireland. Thanks

Canon 60D EOS Utlity

Hi! I used to be able to download the software on my laptop in the past, but for some reason, it's not working for me. I would love to know the solution to this issue that I have been struggling for the last few days.

Febelove by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! EOS Utility will not install on Mac with Big Sur 11.6.3

Hi Canon/Mac Friends,I have two Mac's both running OS X 11.6.3 (latest version of Big Sur) and each time I try to install the latest EOS Utility app, I cannot get beyond the Extracting Files stage.  I see the same for both the 3.13.20 and 3.15.0 vers...

Resolved! CR2 photos darker than jpg

I downloaded 49 photos of an outdoor shoot today. After downloading, I sent them to the dedicated file and started to scroll through them. The CR2 photos would be light but after a couple of seconds would darken in comparison to the jpg photo. Never ...

G7X MKIII and Webcam Utility--USB not working

HelloI have a Canon G7X MKIII which previously worked with a USB-C connection. Now all it does is show a computer icon along with battery life when plugged in direct USB-C. The webcam utility software shows that a camera is not connected. Wifi and Bl...

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