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Canon Connect App Says No Wi-Fi Connection

I am unable to connect to the Canon Connect app. I have used it in the past with minor problems. However, each time I go to connect, the WiFi connect to my iPhone for a few seconds before saying “no WiFi connection.” The app is fully updated, my came...

Emmi7842 by Apprentice
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Resolved! EOS Utility 3.16.10 not recognizing camera

I have a T7i that has been able to connect to the EOS utility for years. However, after the latest Win 10 patch and an update to the EOS utility to version 3.16.10, the utility does not connect. The older version stopped working as well.While the cam...

Auto Focus while in Movie Mode on Canon Connect App

I shoot with a 5D Mark IV and noticed that while shooting video, the "tap to AF" functionality on the canon connect app is greyed out. This doesn't seem to be a problem when shooting images. But when I switch to video mode and connect the app, I can'...

EOS Utility mirrored live preview

Everyone, I want to ask, how to change EOS utility live preview so that it's mirrored?Everytime I do self photoshoot it's not mirrored so I often confused about my left side and my right side.Thank you in advance for the answer  


In DPP, I experimented with HDR PQ. Since most web browsers will not display HIF, I then attempted to convert the HIF to JPEG. I am attaching examples of the results. I like the result produced by macOS Photos and the result produced by GraphicsMagic...

IMG_3356cs2.JPG IMG_3356c_hif_s2.JPG IMG_3356_hif_gm_s2.JPG IMG_3356_hif_s2.jpeg

Resolved! Unable to delete rejected images in DPP on macos

I had been using DPP to cull images on my Windows laptop which was working as expected. However, I have a new Macbook Pro laptop and have loaded DPP. I review my images in Quick View and tag all rejected images. Then I highlight all rejected images a...

EOS Utility and Win 11

Hello,I’ve seen posts that EOS Utility doesn’t work with Win 11, correct? I’m so mad I upgraded and it’s past the 10 days that you can easily revert. Is there any other workaround? I have a 7D camera. Thanks!

PamG1 by Apprentice
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Connecting MacBook Pro To Canon 70D To Use As A Monitor

I’m struggling to connect my canon 70D to my MacBook Pro so I can use my computer as a monitor. I have downloaded different software associated to my MacBook, the eos utility & eos webcam software but nothing seems to work even after watching YouTube...

How to Save Photos and Keep Seeing Them in DPP4

I have downloaded DPP4 on my Mac and have a question.  I inserted the sd card and i see my photos cr3.  So my question is - how do i save the photos and keep in DPP4.  When I remove the sd card they disappear too.  I need to somehow save them and I d...

Ospinacm by Apprentice
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Resolved! PS & LR or go with PSE 2023?

I think I know the answer but want to draw on the advice of the forum. I was at a photo club last night. One of the members was said to be knowledgeable about Photoshop and Lightroom. After the introduction, I told him that I have PSE 2021. He stated...

DPP saturation adjustment, what does it do?

It has been many decades since I studied color spaces. I have forgotten much. Thanks in Advance.In DPP, it seems that the saturation slider in the "basic image adjustment" does something different than the saturation slider in "Adjust image colors". ...

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