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CameraWindow v8.10

I updated Camera Window DC from v8.8 to v8.10 using the new Digital Camera Software v2.0 installer.  Why is the Set Start-up Image, Set Sound and Set Theme no longer available under Settings in Camera Window DC after the update?  I have a Canon ELPH ...

Changing info settings on a 1DS MKII

I recently bought a 1DS MKII, and noticed that when I import pics taken by this camera into Lightroom 4, the Creator/Artist name listed is the previous owner.  I understand that the EOS utility software provided that capability but apparently there i...

no lens data under dpp 3.13.0

hi, I recently updated to DPP 3.13.0 and all of the lens data that I had brought in under the previous version has disappeared. If I try to update the lens data the application retuns the error can't connect to server. Under the previous version of D...

Cloud storage?

Hi,I have all my photos on portable hard drives, but I am starting to worry what would happen if these die or get stolen, etc. Can anyone recommend a good cloud storage provider for a couple terabytes of RAW files with Lightroom sidecar files? Price ...

ScottyP by Authority
  • 2 replies

DPP viewer module stops working under windows 7

Does anyone know why DPP stops working as soon as I open a picture folder. Below is the error message DPP Viewer Module has stopped workingA problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solu...

Canon EOS Digital solution disk for windows 8

Where can I find a Canon EOS Digital solution disk for windows 8.  I presently have Ver 24.1 for my Rebel T3.  It will not download properly on my new laptop with windows 8. Just checked the box and it's for windows 7, XP, etc.   Will this camera eve...

Lois by Apprentice
  • 1 replies
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