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Digital Camera Software 7.1 download error Windows 10

Hello,Just bought a Powershot ELPH 190 and am trying to dowload the Digital Camera Software.  The download utility runs and then gives me an error message after the install saying that the install was stopped and I need to restart and complete the do...

canon issue.jpg

DarkTable vs LightRoom

This isn't an endorsement for DarkTable, but it is free for windows users.  Me, I'm sticking with DPP Review DarkTable: Downloads: https://ww...

Resolved! stamp tool on jpeg files DPP

I'm new to digital photography and this forum.  I have a Canon T5i. Not sure which version of DPP came with it.  I currently shoot jpeg.  I can use the stamp tool for correcting embellishments but how do I save it?  The adjusted photo shows up when I...

The app on iphone

Can you PLEASE update the app to iOS 11 for me and for every other costumer that has bought a camera. I have a PowerShot SX530HS and it says to use canon camera window and it needs to be updated. I have tried everything I know to connect my phone to ...

Andrewch by Apprentice
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Resolved! Good replacment for EOS Utility?

Since Canon has really terrible policies about the EOS Utility I need some sort of program that will automatically transfer and organize my photos the way EOS Utility does. (I’m using a EOS Rebel T1i) Anyone have any recommendations? Preferably FREE ...

Resolved! G7X - AF not working in Camera Connect

I recently changed phones and also upgraded from the deprecated Camera Window app to Camera Connect. Unfortunately the autofocus doesn't work in remote shooting, although I am pretty sure it worked in Camera Window - there is an option to turn it on ...

kwiatek by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

not a pleasant issue in autocad

I have numerous .dwg files on mine working computer in AutoCAD 2016. But just since today one of it hasn't simply opened. I have totally checked others, they have properly opened.

Camera Connect app behaviour

I've just started using the camera connect app for ipad with my 5D mk4 so my clients can review images in real time when we're out on location. Perfomance is good, I just  have a couple of issues with the behavour of the app: 1. After making a batter...

Trottsky by Contributor
  • 1 replies

DPP 4.7.20 Convert and Save Issues

Lately I've been having some unusual issues. When I try to edit photos (not taken by me, but photos that I've downloaded from different websites) the Convert and Save function doesn't seem to work right.  After I click Convert and Save, and select th...

Camera connect to download videos Options

Hi! When I record videos I am unable to transfer them to my iPhone through camera connect. I wanted to know if there's any way to download the videos through camera connect on to my phone. Any tips would be appreciated. I am not sure if the video is ...

Jenna1 by Apprentice
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Hi,The stamp tool does not seem go be working correctly.When I click on the box;( fix copy source position) the cross hairs do not remain fixed. I have tried removing program and reloading it from the canon web site but still not working correctly. D...

He15415 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

My dppm4.6.30 installer doesnt want to install

Hi Everyone, My name is Zita. I m new to Canon and new to photography but not new to installing things, hence I m just beyond frustrated at this point. I have registered my newly purchased "used" camera 5D Mark III, and went through the installation ...

installer stuck

DPP 4 Mouse problem

I have a very annoying problem with how the mouse behaves in DPP 4. On the very first time after opening the DPP 4 from my desktop, and double clicking to maximize a thumb nail, all the menu button on top of the screen could be activated with a singl...

FrancisW by Contributor
  • 7 replies

Resolved! CorelDRAW Software

I noticed that CorelDRAW does not work very well with my CDR file. I have one file in which i have inserted various changes. But now i am getting this error: Error reading a bitmap in the file FileName.cdr How can i remove the error or what should I ...

Change default software

When I bought my Rebel T3i a few years ago, it came with EOS Utility and Digital Photo Professional.  Eventually I was notified of, and downloaded/installed, upgrades to EOS Utility 2 and Digital Photo Professional 4. However, when I connect my camer...

rhodesmk by Contributor
  • 6 replies
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