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Sensitive functionality reduction after the replacement of Canon OPA with


Is this a transitory version or will be the new service/software solution so poor in functionalities in comparison with the older OnlinePhotoAlbum/Image Gateway?

Just to be detailed:


No more possible to send selected pictures directly to a LAN WIFI connected computer, now everything go to cloud and the only way to get them on a Computer is download from the web or plug the camera with USB cable.

No more possible to send one video or an image of your choice to Email, rather than social like Youtube or cloud as Image Gateway and GoogleDrive, also worth of mention the facebook publishing which has been removed ages ago when I still used to shot with the Powershot G3x; now once you choose the Icon every new content is uploaded on the Cloud, or at least the first ones until battery dead or you get bothered from the extreme slow speed and tap on Cancel.


So basically except in case you agree to upload everything you shot you always need to have at least a wifi connection, camera, and a mobile or a tablet with the app installed in case you wish to publish something on the web.


Camera itself now does allow with any wifi only to upload your content to cloud ed eventually "mirror" all these to GoogleDrive, then from the App on the mobile you can publish the uploaded elements on Youtube or sending by email so in order to achieve what you could do before only with camera you always need to have a mobile or a tablet.


It is hard to see this as improvement, and honestly with this new limitations I am not sure my next "Connected" Camera will be a Canon in the future.



I agree that download is too slow. I have been going back to using USB cable if I have more than few images to transfer to my computer. They really need to bring back the function of downloading straight to PC through LAN. I don't care about uploading to the cloud. Smiley Sad

You can still use the EOS Utility to wirelessly transfer images very quickly. 

It doesn't seem to work wirelessly on my M100
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