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Resolved! Any Windows 10 download software usable W/O WiFi?

Is there any Canon software to replace ZoomBrowser EX / ImageBrowser EX for use in Windows 10 that does NOT depend on Wi-Fi? I always download from the SD card, NOT by connecting my (pre-built-in-Wi-Fi SX-40 HS) camera, anyway, but now I can't figure...

Image Not Supported

All of a sudden the canon connect app is not downloading videos on to my iOS. Is anyone else having this problem. 

eos utility doesnt recognize t4i/600d

I have eos 2 and when I conneced the t4i and turned it on, the eos utility would start automatically. Now, for whatever reason, it doesnt even recognize the camera is even there! neither does my computer for that matter! I do hear the beep when I tur...

Canon update your software

Why after several years of users complaining about the software you put out that you don't fix the issues? I have an sx60 hs and your software does near nothing!!!

dbhuff49 by Contributor
  • 1 replies

Drawing tool??

Hi!!So, when using the Canon Solution Menu EX, there are scans where I need to fill in some blank spots but I can't figure out how? Is there a drawing tool to use or a fill tool?

kkna44 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Where are my photos? (eos utility software)

Hi, I'm new to photography so please forgive me if the answer to this is obvious!I have the Canon 750D.I took some self-portraits today using  the EOS Utility as a live viewer and a the canon remote shutter button. All seem to be working fine, I coul...


So I shoot stock photography and I'm looking for software ( free) that you can add keywords. DPP does not have this? Is there any free software that does? Thank you so much

Canon Connect locks up with Android 7.0

I have been using Camera connect on a Samsung Galaxy note 3 for a long while. No problems. I just got a new Android and installed Camera Connect. The install does not show the Canon sx60hs. I used the PowerShot option as the only choice that would in...

Dellis5 by Apprentice
  • 3 replies

EOS Utility 3.7.0 / WFT FirewallSetting Crashed

Hello, I use a Canon 5D Mark IV and recently I download EOS Utility 3.7.0 from Canon and install sucessfully. My window operating system is Win10 64Bit But I have a problem of "WFT Firewall Setting" After I run EOS Utility, it alerts for changing WFT...

Canon Camera Connect Android - Phone Sleeping

So, Does everyone on android have this problem or just me? I can't find anyone complaining about it. I have a 6D Mark II + Camera Connect, I can pair, turn on live view, etc... take pictures, watch/start/stop video, etc, use it as mobile monitor, etc...

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