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Digital Photo Pro

My camera 70D came with Digital Photo Professional 3, I saw the Canon site had a verion 4, so I downloaded it. But it will not load. When I try to start it, it says "Not all elements can be shown under the computers current dispay settings. Before us...

RooDog by Contributor
  • 7 replies

Can't record to camcorder using CanonAccessPlus App

Hello all:) So I was able to connect my smartphone to my vixia hf r600 and record from mobile..........but it does not allow me to record from camcorder? I've tried all kinds of settings, adjusting video quality to (1080p 30fps) 24mbps all the way do...


Hi recently bought the G9X , didn't come with software disc and I'm shooting RAW. Been on Canon website and entered serial number of the camera to download the conversion software, when it's download and I try to open it the computer says there is no...

Digital Software for counting pixels

I need to be able to count the number of color pixels on an individual picture.   Specifically, my son's science project requires him to compare the effectiveness of cleaning white cloth samples.  I thought the best way to evaluate the results would ...

EEbal by Apprentice
  • 8 replies

Using DLO with Lightroom & Photoshop

Is there any Canon publication or article or video that describes the recommended workflow for using DLO in DPP with Lightroom and/or ACR? Specifically, I cannot find any definitive information on whether the changes made to a CR2 file by DLO will be...

Bazsl by Rising Star
  • 10 replies

EOS utility working with OS X Sierra

Hi all, with the EOS utility problem with OS X Sierra, just found that if i do not use the on-board USB's on my MAC then it seems to work fine. Quite by chance I connected the USB to a thunderbolt hub that i have (Startech) and the utility works abso...

mlgboy by Apprentice
  • 0 replies

DPP4 saved jpegs far bigger than DPP3

So I've mostly been using DPP3 to work on my RAW files as I've a 500D, but I've just got round to using DPP4 now that it supports my camera. I make a few simple edits, and unless I'm going to work on the photos further in PSP I convert and save as a ...

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