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G30. Recording and playback frames/s differs

Hi,When I record at 50i the movement is smooth when viewed on the camcorder.  When I copy the video to my laptop, the f/s changes to 25 and the movement is jerky.  Why does this happen and what can I do about it?  Laptop specs:  Dell Inspiron, Intel ...

javah by Apprentice
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Resolved! Internal v/s External memory

Like the R40 v/s R42 I have seen at times camcorders come in a 8GB and a 32GB version of the same model and the diffrence in price is a good $100-$150. One could buy a 32GB SD card for a lot less than that. So is there any disadvantage like speed or ...

pfm by Apprentice
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Losing quality on Canon xl-2

To preface this, I am a sound tech by trade, who is now running the live production department at Cincinnati Christian University. Our current setup is running 2 XL-2 cameras through a panasonic AV-HS300 switcher, and into an Aja Ki Pro. We edit ever...

Playback on HDMI TV of Video Created by CANON Camcorder

Hello All: I have a Canon Vixia HFM31 Digital Camcorder.  It seems to create files in .MTS container file format. I also have a TV with HDMI input.  Is there a Streaming Media Device (ROKU, Slingblade, AppleTV etc) that I can use to play my video cli...

bandegee by Apprentice
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Canon FS21 Camera mode Joystick

Hello. I have this strange thing in camera mode joystick, func, video snap, disp.batt buttons not working. is like they are locked. But then i press play mode(playlist) all buttons working ok, So why?Tried reset but no luck

gfunas by Apprentice
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M series discontinued ?

I dont see any M series camcorders on the current line up on the Canon (usa) website. So are those discontinued ? They are available at many online retailers but is that the last of the M series ? 

pfm by Apprentice
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Capture live vid from HDMI camera into my imac...How?

Hello,I have a CAnnon HV20 with an HDMI output. I am wanting to capture live video into my imac. How do I hook the camera to the computer?-Can I use just a regular HDMI cable with a thunderbolt adapter?-Do I need an expensive video conversion box of ...

Audio input on HF R42

Hi folks, I recently filmed an interview and some footage to use in a brief newsy-documentary I did for my work. I had a great deal of difficulty with the audio from the camcorder - I used a mic (XLR to 1/8 and plugged into the audio-in jack) and, af...

Overexposed image in lcd vew

Hi, i was testing my new hf r40 most of the time my prevew on the lcd looks very whiteish or overexposed, when i check the recorder video on my tv looks awesome but in cam monitor looks very bad, i just cant do adjustmen on whitw balance or exposure ...

DaxFX by Apprentice
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expand pixela android device support please

The Pixela Camera Access app in Play Store supports only one, that's right one, Android device: the Motorola DroidX.  Given the numer of Android devices in the market I was shocked to learn this after I already bought my camcorder. What is the releas...

can't playback video

on my G-20 when I push playback it says "select memory for connection-when I choose internal mwmory, I get a flashing USB icon that won't stop until I shutdown! anyone had this problem? thanks much

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