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Help with weird effect on XF300




We've recently purchsed two XF300's and when we edit the footage from them using Premiere Elements 9, we're getting a weird effect with the finished product.  We're not getting these problems when we use the clips in Sony Vegas Pro or Premiere Pro,  just Elements.  Here's an example of what it's doing:  It's most noticable when he moves his hand and when the lady tilts her head.  It's also much worse when we broadcast it.


Here's some quick facts to help:

We're using them on their highest setting:  1920x1080, 50 mbps, 60i

We're using aunsoft transMXF to convert the .mxf files to something we can use to edit in Elements (anything we choose still does it)

When we start a new project in Elements, we put the project settings SD and manipulate the frame size to fit a SD screen.  We would rather not have to do this, but there's no way in Elements 9 that we're aware of to edit the project using HD settings, then export it in 4:3 SD.


We're pretty aware that the problem is coming from either the .mxf to (whatever we use) converting, or the setting in the Elements 9 project.  We've converted the .mxf clips to just about every option and it still does it.


Thanks in advance for whatever help you can offer.







Hi , I have checked your youtube video, and I fond there is no such wired Effect on your video? This one seems OK. How about try to change another video covnerter app to see if that will work?