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ImageBrowser EX

Am I the only one having this problem? My question is about the "ImageBrowser EX" and"MovieEdit Task" software that came with my HF R300 camcorder.The software works perfectly fine onmy windows XP desktop.But it does not work on my windows 8 laptop.I...

stonum by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Is the C100 compatible with the PIX 240?

I know the answer should be yes, but I am having trouble with mine. When plugged directly into the PIX, I get a "no video" warning and the HDMI menus blink showing imcompatability. But, when I run the HDMI through a simple 5v splitter, the signal loc...

G30 - Pause Recording?

Hi all, TOTAL n00b to camcorders.  Bought the G30.  My 7 year-old daughter is in gymnastics and as much as I have anjoyed shooting her with my still camera, video seems far better for this arena. I have NO idea how to use this thing, although just pl...

Double image with Vixia HFG10

I have an Imac @ 10.7.5 and use Adobe Premier Pro CS6 Ver. 6.0.0When i shoot something moving I get a double image. Is this caused by a camera setting? How do I get a proper image?


Vixia HF R400 - Grainy video at higher resolutions! Normal?

Hi folks. I am wondering if this is typical of this product. Playback of video is crisp and colorful, but VERY grainy when recorded at the highest resolutions i.e.: 35 mbsp (MPG-4 @ 60p). I recorded indoors in low to medium to medium-high lighting. M...

spfttt by Contributor
  • 5 replies

Resolved! Which av cable to buy?

Could someone provide me with a part number or description on a cable to hook from my cannon HFR300 to a portable Digital LCD TV/or monitor?I am assuming I want to go from the av out of the camera to the video in.I just want to use the screen for vie...

Jimm by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Vixia HF R400 Connection Problems

My Vixia HF R400 will not connect to my computer.  I am running Windows Vista SP2.  My computer has 4 USB ports and I have tried connecting to all of them.  The camera does not show up on the device manager or computer when connected.  Other USB devi...

todd5512 by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Ferrite Core on Power Cable

Canon camcorders come with a "ferrite core" to be attached near to the plug that connects the power supply into the camera. The instructions say to attach 7 cms from the plug going into the camera.  I'm wondering if this i really necessary or is it t...

Converter for XviD?

I wanted to convert some XviD video files to avi. After searching online, I downloaded a couple programs including handbrake, but each one diminishes the quality, which is out of my expectation. Is there any program that can convert xvid to avi witho...

Using Fader feature at the same time as date/time caption.

I have finally figured out (on my Canon VIXIA HF R300 camcorder) how to get the date/time stamp to appear on my recorded videos (I need to be able to document date/time of my vids).  I also have learned how to fade-in and fade-out on each recording. ...

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