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Cannot upgrade firmware on VIXIA HF M301, for seven flash LED Battery Charging Problem


I used the Canon procedure to download the firmware upgrade onto my freshly initialized 64GB SDXC memeory card's Root Directory, but when I insert the SDXC card into the Camcorder, and go to update the firmware, there isn't a display box over the firmware listing, which the procedures says to select, to start the update.  The display simply shows the factory installed firmware version in gray, without any way to select it.


It appears the camcorder cannot read or recognize the firmware file on the SDXC card, or the firmware is not compatible with the VIXIA HF M301, or there is a factroy lock on upgrading firmware.


I need the upgrade because I cannot recharge my battery anymore with the AC Adapter.  The camcorder charge LED flashes 7 times at one second intervals, then pauses, then flashes again at 7 second intervals.  The camera cannot be used with a dead battery...


This is the info and link to where Canon references the battery charging fix:


The latest firmware version for the VIXIA HF M30, HF M31, and HF M300 is verison
This firmware update (Version incorporates the following fix.

Addresses a phenomenon that occurs when charging the camcorder with the battery pack attached, in which the [CHG] lamp blinks seven times (alternating between being ON or OFF for one second), after which the camcorder cannot be charged. Other than correcting the described phenomenon, this update does not change the product performance.

The firmware can be downloaded from the below link.

My HFM301 is not specifically referenced, and I cannot find any other firmware updates specifically for the HFM301.
Any suggestions or help will be appreciated.  I currently cannot use the camcorder, BUMMER!  Thanks...



Hi Faline!


Thanks for posting!


Sometimes firmware updates may not be recognized on very large capacity cards, such as your 64GB card.  I recommend that you try installing the firmware update using a card that is 8GB or smaller.


If this is a time sensitive-matter, additional support options are available at Contact Us.



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Thank you for the reply.  Yes, originally also tried to copy and read referenced firmware update on an 8 GB SDHC memory card, with the same problem of the camcorder unable to recognize the firmware file.


Called Canon Support.  Disappointed with the support and options.  This is what was offered:


1. Cannon does not offer a free firmware upgrade for the VIXIA HF M301.  The M30/M300 firmware upgrade discussed earlier is not compatible with the M301.


2.  A camcorder reset was tried, without success, still had seven LED flashes and no battery charging.


3.  Confirmed the AC Charger could run the camcorder without the battery, which I also previously confirmed.  So the AC Charger appears to be functioning correctly.


4.  Suggested that I had a bad battery.  However I explained I had two batteries, and the symptom is the same for either battery, and the problem started at the same time for both batteries.  Highly unlikely both batteries would go bad at the same time.


5.  First option to fix the problem:  Send the unit in for repair for $159 + shipping + tax.  90 day warrantee on repairs.  I fell out of my Chair!


6.  Second option to fix the problem:  Trade-in Program-Upgrade to an equivalent or higher line factory refurbished model at 15% off Factory Refurbish Price, but can only qualify if I send back my current M301 in exchange.  A better 12 month warrantee.   I jumped out of my Skin, not out of excitement!


We ended the call at that point, without resolution.


This is what I would expect:


1. Canon should simply fix the Firmware on the M301, and offer it as a free upgrade, similar to the M30/M300.  Why charge customers $159+ and downtime to fix it at the factory?


2.  The camcorder works fine, no other problems, other than lack of battery charging.  My unit is in brand new condition and only a couple years old.  Why can't Canon offer the 2590B002 CG-800 Lithium Ion Battery Remote Charger?  I bought this charger new at Amazon for $58.  With shipping/handling/tax, the total charge was $63.22.


Problem Solved.  Can charge the batteries and use the camcorder just fine.  And I don't have to tie up the camcorder to charge batteries, the second battery can be charged, while using the camcorder.  Also there are posts claiming that the remote charger charges the batteries more efficiently, increasing the life of the rechargeable batteries, vs. charging directly from the camcorder.


Hopefully this info can save another M301 owner the time and hassle I had to go through, to find an acceptable solution at a reasonable cost and minimal down time.









I started experiencing the seven flash LED battery charging issue on my Vixia HF M301 in September 2013. My
problem started after only two years of ownership which was very disappointing. Until then, I only purchased Canon cameras which have lasted many years.


Like other consumers with battery charging camcorder issues, I suspected the battery or AC adapter. So, I purchased a new battery which also failed to charge. More online searches on the battery made me suspect the charging circuit within the camcorder, so I purchased the Canon Battery Charger CG-800 which charged my original and new batteries. In all, I spent less than the price of a repair and ended up with a spare battery and a charger.


Regarding the firmware fix on other models, I originally suspected that a hardware problem was the cause of the problem. In addition, my camcorder has started to power off while transferring files as it will no longer detect the AC adapter which further gave credence to a failure at the point where the AC adapter plugs into the camcorder.  Not only will I not be able to use the camcorder for charging, but I will have to perform file transfers without using the camcorder, too.  Surprisingly, I liked using PIXELA ImageMixer 3 SE Ver. 6.


Does Canon or any other consumers have any more thoughts on this? So far I can still record those precious memories. Both of my issues have workarounds, but I am sure Canon would be interested to know how many camcorder users are impacted by this possible manufacturing defect.  I have seen many posts regarding camcorders not charging batteries, and I doubt I will purchase another Canon product that does not include a battery charger.