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Canon HF-G10: chromatic aberration query

I recently acquired a Canon Vixia HF-G10 - my first AVCHD camcorder, in fact. One of the reasons I chose this camcorder was in the light of comments made in several product reviews that the HF-G10 displays relatively little CA, at the telephoto end, ...

Resolved! File Transfer Problem

1 hour ago I purchased from a Canon Outlet in my country the camcorder Legria R506. I am having problem with transferring files from my camcorder using Transfer Utility by Pixela Ver. 2.5.0. See attached photos of errors. I can transfer files from my...

Error1.jpg Error2.jpg

New Canon Vixia HF R42 does not work as promised!

I just setup my new Canon Vixia HF R42 camcorder and wanted to use my Android cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy S4 to use as a remote for this Vixia camcorder. These 2 devices connect with each other perfectly, but I need the app, CameraAccess by Pixela f...

blazer5 by Apprentice
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HF G30 web interface for remote control crippled

I'm on firmware for the PAL HF G30. I've tested the remote control web interface in two web browsers on my Android 4.3 table and found the same problems both withe Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers: 1. Calculation of screen height is...

TheDiveO by Contributor
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Need help, using an HFM40. Uploading to youtube.

Need help, using an HFM40. Uploading to youtube yeilds bad results, no HD and low resolution.  Tried converting to MP4 even worse. My Nikon pocket camera uploads in HD and looks is 60 fps good enough for moving subjects, do the newe...

M40Morty by Apprentice
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Canon HF R42 remote control+streaming icon does nothing

I'm absolutely stumped. I have had this camera for 2 months and I have never been able to connect it to my iPod or iPad. I have downloaded the CameraAccess App but it cannot find the camera from my tablet. When I tap the remote control+streaming icon...

Dezzo by Apprentice
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blank screen hf200

HF200 screen is blank, green light wont go off, can't shut off camcorder"??? help

wilpap by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Resolved! No audio with external mike

Using brand new VIXIA R500 camcorder, auto mode.  Normal audio with built-in mike.  Normal audio with headphones.  But when I plug in external mike, there is no audio, and level meter doesn't move.  True for headset mike, and brand new Nikon ME-1 mik...

Need HELP! Anyone Know This Issue?

Hello!I shot some videos yesterday fine.  Today I went to record some videos, and when toggling to the menu to select the correct white balance ( daylight, cloudy, flourescent, etc ) the whole white balance menu is GRAYED OUT!  I can select nothing.....


I have a Canon ZR20 mini digital camcorder   How can I get pictures off of it    I have not been able to find anyone that can transfer the video

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