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Changing aspect ratio on Vixia HF R800?

I am having some issues friends!  I have been running our Canon Vixia HF R800 as one of our video sources on our Yolobox (yololive).  The picture is crunched, which I know is an aspect ratio issue.  I have no access to change the aspect ratio on the ...

rambomj by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

No Audio From Vixia XA-11 Camera Speaker

I just shot some video with my new Vixia XA-11. The video clips look great on playback...but NO audio comes out of the camera speaker! Yet I can hear the audio tracks OK with headphones. I'm using Saramonic Vmic Mini connected to the MIC input. Thank...

Viewdoo by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Canon XA40 HDMI Output issue

Hi,I can't find instructions on turning on the HDMI output for the XA40, it seems to be off and the manual only shows instructions for turning it on for the XA45, which is very frustrating.  I just want to hook the camera up to a capture card for Zoo...

Gartcat by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Convert data on micro cassettes

I have a ZR20 with movies on a few dozen micro cassettes.  Is there a way to transfer the movies from the cassettes to an iMAC?  Thanks for any help.

ddddan99 by Contributor
  • 7 replies

It's NOT phantom power! It's BIAS power!

People keep using the term "phantom power" incorrectly when referring to a microphone with an external battery or needing low power from the source. The correct terms for just about anything using a 1/8" (3.5mm) jack (TRS or TRRS) are "BIAS POWER" or...


VIXIA HF M30 - External Video Capture?

I know the camcorder doesn't have the built-in ability to stream video but I'm wondering if it's possible to buy an external video capture device to capture & stream live video. Anyone? Thanks!

thumdar by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

XA50 USB to Mac (High Sierra) for clip transfer

Hello,Has anyone successfully USB connected the XA50 to a Mac and import into FCPX?I connected the camera and momentarily it was visible in FCPX's import dialog but then quickly disappears. Perhaps it's because of my old OSX? I have a straight USB ca...

sunra by Contributor
  • 5 replies

Canon Vixia RF800

Hi there, I have a Blue Yeti Microphone here, however, would it be possible to connect that mic up to the Vixia 800? And, if I am able to, how would I go about doing that? Links to cords that I would need to connect the mic up to the Vixia 800, would...

focussing ring on vixia hf g50

Just bought my new Vixia HF G50 and am finding the focussing ring takes a lot of turns to make even the smallest difference in focussing. I've got it set on manual with the toggle switch on Focus instead of Zoom. According to the manual it should jus...

Focus ring doesn't work

The  focus ring on  my Vixia HF G50 is very stiff and has no effect on  the image  no  matter  how  many turns  I give it.  I've got the button on the back of the camera set to  Focus, and have reset  all preferences to factory settings.  I've clicke...

Resolved! ZR70MC - How to get video off of MiniDV Cassette?

Hey all, About 15 years ago, I somehow connected my camcorder to my Win 7 computer and was able to get the video off of the cassette.  I don't remember if I used the USB cable that comes with the camcorder or not.  I vaguely remember pushing the Play...

Vixia HF R800 As A Webcam (I have everything)

Hello,I have a Vixia HF R800 camcorder. I was told elsewhere that by using an HDMI to USB converter I would be able to use it as a webcam. I have everything I need, but when I go to use it, nothing comes up. I don't know if there is a camera setting ...

Vixia HF R800 Zoom Remote

Is there a zoom/focus remote out there that is compatible with a Vixia HF R800? Something similar to a VariZoom switch/remote?  -Thanks

ZSUNTKEN by Contributor
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Canon XA50 ferrite core

Hi, I've snapped it together before connecitng it to the power cored. How do I re-open it...?!

sunra by Contributor
  • 2 replies
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