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XF400: Audio from XLR inputs question

Anyone know if this is possible or not? I have a Comica wireless dual lav mic connected into the XLR Input #2. An Audio Technica AT875R shotgun mic is connected into the XLR Input #1. The sound that is recorded from the Comica dual lav mic system is only outputting sound from one earbud (either left or right side, I forget which side). The sound from the Audio Technica shotgun mic is outputting from the other earbud. Question is whether it's possible for the Comica mic to output sound coming out from BOTH left and right earbuds? But I also want sound from the Audio Technica mic to also be mixed in too.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Casey415,


Thanks for checking in with us!


Check the settings on your lav mic system to see if you mix down the two channels into a mono mix. Otherwise, you may need to use separate inputs for each channel.


If problems persist, please elaborate on the audio settings that you are using on the camera.

Hi and thanks for your reply. For some unexplained reason, when I switched to my other system which is the Saramonic UWMIC9 dual wireless lav microphone, this has the ability to output sound equally to both the left and right earbuds! So I am very happy about that. I don't know why my Comica dual wireless lav system can't do the same but instead only outputs sound coming out of the same earbud for both transmitters. Even though the audio settings are the same, the Saramonic system works but not the Comica system. Again, I don't know why. I made a video about this if anyone cares to view this, link here: <link removed per Forum Guidelines>

Another update on this. When I do a test video on my audio setup and play back the video and listen to the audio via headphones directly from the XF400 camcorder, the audio sounds great coming out equally from both left and right earbuds. However, when I download the same MP4 video file to my Windows PC laptop, the audio is completely different! When viewing and listening to the audio downloaded to my laptop, audio from my Saramonic wireless lav system only outputs from the right earbud only for transmitters A and B, and audio from the Audio Technica AT875R shotgun microphone only outputs from the left earbud only. In other words, the audio from each separate microphone outputs in separate earbuds. Again, I don't know why the audio output is different listening from the XF400 camcorder directly versus from a downloaded video to my computer. Maybe it has to do with my settings on the camcorder, I don't know.


Update: I figured out how to output the same audio into both left and right earbuds. But I had to use my Saramonic UWMIC9 dual wireless lavalier system, as the Comica system did not work. I also recently ordered the new Rode Wireless Go II dual wireless lav mic system (2nd version) that has many new features including the ability to output the same audio into left and right earbuds at the same time. So far I'm really liking my new Canon XF400 camcorder and I've tricked it out with both the Audio Technica AT875R shotgun mic into the top handle mic holder into Input 1/Channel 1, plus the Rode Wireless Go II wireless lav mic system into Input 2/Channel 2. The Canon XF400 top handle audio feature is very slick for advanced multiple mic recording setup, whereas my Canon G60 lacked this feature.