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Any gimbals that work with the Canon Vixia HF R800?




I was considering buying a DJI Ronin SC gimbal to go with my Vixia HF R800.


However, I see that the Vixia HF 800 isn't listed as one of the compatible cameras on DJI's compatibility list (here). 


I'm guessing that the compatible model list refers to which cameras have firmware that works with some of the gimbal functions ... and not necessarily that a given gimbal won't fit on it. 


Has anybody used a motorized gimbal with this camera? If so, could you share which gimbal you've been using?


(Yes, I'm aware that the camera has some digital image stabilization but I'm still interested in buying a gimbal to use with it!)


Rising Star

I don't have an HF R800, but saw a YouTube video where someone (Donathan Luck) was using a Zhiyun Crane V2. Cant post the link, but a search for 'canon hf r800 zhiyun creane v2 footage' will pull it up. 


Can't say I'm that impressed. It doesn't seem well balanced.