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Canon Pixma mg2540s does not print yelllow

Hello. Our printer MG2540s just suddenly stopped printing with the color yellow. When I print a yellow image, it turns light pink.The confusing part is, when I do maintenance and a nozzle check, it can print the color yellow but only for the a single...

Backpack recommendations?

I want the backpack to fit: 7D II, 40D, Sigma 150-600 C, Canon EF-S 18-135MM IS STM, Memory cards, Chargers cables etc. and a MacBook Pro 13 inch M1 16GB 2TB. And I want it to be cheap I don't really mind how long it lasts me if it lasts at least a f...

How do I set the focus to infinity?

I am a very new “photographer” using an EOS R100. Today I tried to take pictures of the night sky, but my camera was out of focus. I tried setting the camera to the manual focus mode in the menu, but I still didn’t know how to actually focus the came...

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Canon rf 50mm f1.2l usm on quidenus book scanner

Hi, at work a book scanner had been equipped with two R5 and two rf 50mm f1.2l usm. I don't know why these lenses were chosen rather than macro lenses. The distance of the focal plane from the books is approximately 80cm. What do you think ?

lokesok2 by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

printer died

color imageclass mf634cdwI have had this printer for several years.  I was just using it and now nothing.  it is as if there is no power but it is plugged into a good outlet.  Plugging other things into the outlet verifies the outlet is good but ther...

PIXMA TR4722: Can’t connect wirelessly

I recently bought  Canon TR4722 and i cannot get it hooked up completely to the internet. I tried all the setups and help tools. I used my iPhone 15, my android and my pc. It connects on the printer but doesn’t complete setup. I am so frustrated I am...

jshowers by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Canon R6m2 and Pixel 7 Pro - won't wifi connect

I'm at my wits end here. Got a Pixel 7 Pro a few weeks ago and it will not connect to my R6m2 to transfer photos except on the home wifi, which is useless as I'm heading off to Japan in a few days. Used to connect no bother to my Huawei Pro 30 when I...

sho17 by Contributor
  • 26 replies

PIXMA TR4722 Connection to Wifi Issue

I just bought this printer, and I can't seem to get the WIFI printing to work. I used my PC and my smartphone to try and get it to work but all that keeps happening is it says "Connected" on the printer but in the app and on my PC, nothing shows up f...

90D 4K Video "Jaggies" on a gimbal

I shoot on Canon Cinema cameras for most of my video, however I purchased a 90D to mount on a gimbal for walking around shots.  When I used to put my old C100 on the gimbal, when I would pan back and forth on the gimbal, the video was super smooth.  ...

Resolved! Couple Of Questions Setting Up A R10

Received my R10 this afternoon. My D700 used compact flash card which did not need to format, but the R10 uses SDCX card. Do you need to format the SDCX card? Do you format with the computer or the R10? I thought there would be cables in the box for ...

Cantrell by Contributor
  • 3 replies
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