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Resolved! Rapid Box/430EX III

Hello! Recently I purchased a 430EX III-RT, with a transmitter and a Westcott Rapid Box Octa 26".  The flash appears to be too short to be properly inserted into the back of the softbox when mounted on the provided bracket.  I can't find any informat...

nickle15 by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Resolved! 600 EX RT firing a blinding light

My 600 EX RT, mounted on a 5d Mark II, has recently started to fire (or rather light up) full power on its own. It stays on like that for a few seconds.I vaguely remember I had a similar problem with my 430 Canon flash (mounted on the same camera) an...

juliusza by Contributor
  • 4 replies

Resolved! 580 Ex II fires weak unless set to +1/3

I've had the 7D and 580 EX II working together for years with no issues until recently.When my 580 EX II is mounted on my 7D it will have a very weak flash when set to 0 flash compensation. Seldomly will it produce a properly exposed image. When adju...

SethS by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

Resolved! 600EXII-RT flash

Hello to AllProblem with the Manual/Auto Zoom in my 600EXII-RT flash. I cannot change the M mode to Auto.When I press the Zm/CFn button all the times I have WIDE PANEL and the mm are 14 even with my 24-70 lens.Any ideas how I can reset/correct this p...

manosm by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

HSS off camera?

Hello, I am new to using speedlites and I am a bit confused about whether or not I can use HSS off camera. I am planning on purchasing YONGNUO Wireless ETTL Flash Transceiver YN622C II with High-speed Sync HSS 1/8000s. I would like to place one trans...

LED lighting

Tomorrow I have to shoot images at a  sports arena with flood lit by LED  and will be, using an EOS 70D, a 420EX Speedlite and probably one of the following 50mm, 35-80mm and 76-300mm lenses. What settings should I use? Thanks John 

Juanjo99 by Contributor
  • 5 replies

Help! My my canon 580ex ii speedlite won't stay on

Help please:I have had my my canon 580ex ii speedlite for 5 or so years now & have never really had a chance to learn how to use it as it will not stay on. I have replaced the batteries often, only to have new batteries stop working immediately. I ha...

580exII acting as fill light

Hey there, I am new to using speedlites as I normally shoot with natural lighting or studio and I have rented a 580-exII speed light To take some pictures at my sisters birthday. I am shooting with my 5d mk2 and when I attach the speedlite and put it...

Mrslickk by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

Resolved! ST-E3-RT won't fire remote flashes when triggered on 1DX

My first post to this forum, hopeing to find an answer.Had a photoshoot yesterday and ran into problems.  Set up was 1DX with ST-E3-RT transmitter firing 5 remote 600EX-RT's.  This was for headshots so all the speedlites were within 12' of the camera...

kmggdc by Contributor
  • 13 replies

How to disable the Wireless Remote Ready Light

 I am using 600EX-RT speedlites off camera controlled by the ST-E3-RT Transmitter.  How do I disable the Wireless Remote Ready Light that is flashing red on the front of the speedlites when they are in slave mode? I have already used C.Fn-08 to disab...

Canon 600ex RT error

Hello,  We have a problem with the Canon 600 ex RT. The flash will go off at maximum power on 1/128 and 1/1.We have tried serveral options but we can't solve it.camera5D mii5D mii6Dlens 16-35 2..8 + 4.0We've got this problem with other flashes too. D...

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