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Resolved! 430 EX III RT as a master

Can the 430 EX III RT be set up as a master for optical transmission to another 430 EX III RT as a slave?  Or will it only work as a master with radio transmission?

Speedlite for Canon Eos 80D

I have a Canon EOS 80D and would like to purchase a speedlite for it.  Can anyone tell me what models work with ths?  I am having no luck pinning down what will work.  Thanks for any help!

600EX-RT not illuminating subject

Camera: 1DxFlash: 600EX-RT (x3)Trigger: ST-E3-RTHello, I have 3 600EX-RT's, 2 of the 3 are not illuminating the subject like they should. I have run the same tests on all three and concluded that one of them is working properly and the other two are ...

No off-camera second curtain sync?

I’m starting to consider replacing my Phottix radio flashes (one is acting up) with Canon but one thing still bugs me.  The Canon flashes cannot do SCS when off the camera.   I like doing little tricks with moving sparklers or glow sticks or burning ...

ScottyP by Authority
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Flash required?

Hope this is not a dumb question. I have a canon 6D. Want to know if I can get away with taking pictures without a flash and the pictures come out looking nice. I will be at a function with low light ( A club function).  If I do need to purchase a fl...

Resolved! Can't Adjust Speedlite 600EX-RT from Canon 5D Mark IV

I can adjust all of the settings on the 600EX-RT from my 70D but not from my 5D Mark IV; says it isn't compatible.  I've spent the better part of an hour searching online to verify that (I'm guessing that the 600EX II RT does but not my model).  I'm ...

drnshaw by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Resolved! What is the flash duration of Canon 600 EX II

Hello: I enjoy shooting high speed photography and am happy with my 580 EX II speedlites.I am wanting to purchase one of two more, but am curious to know if anyone has the flash durations of the 580 Ex II vs 600 EX II?I realize not all 1/64th and 1/1...

ilzho by Rising Star
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Resolved! 600ex ii as on-camera master

I have been a canon user for ~12 years, but almost exclusively sports.  when not sports, natural light only.   Now interested in venturing into off-camera flash photography.  My first quesiton is basic and painfully newbie.   If I use the 600ex ii as...

Resolved! 600ex speedlite won’t sync

Hello all,I’m running into an issue where my 600ex-Ryan v1 speedlite won’t wirelessly sync, via optical or radio, the link light just stays red. I’ve tried using my ST-E3-RT transmitter to link optically, which works for my other 600ex-Ryan speedlite...

Resolved! Two Triggering Speedlites

This is probably a novice question, but I'm still learning the ins and outs of my speedlites. I currently have a wedding reception set up with two 600EX-RT on the dance floor and one on my camera as the master. Is it possible to have either a speedli...

jasu4646 by Apprentice
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Help me choose a softbox for lowlight photography!

I have decided to start low light photography and I have Canon 700d/t5i and Godox tt600 flash. The only thing that confusing me is the softbox. I have no idea about which softbox is suitable for my flash.60x60 or 80x80!?Both of these two items price ...

580ex ii sync issue

EDIT ON THE BELOW After a little bit more fiddling and messing around with settings I switched over to maual flash mode and have found that the sync issue only occures when using the built in ETTL mode! I shall keep at it until I have figured out the...

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