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600 EX-RT not firing

I bought a set of Canon 600 EX-RT flashes. I am a wedding photographer so I use both of them often on 2 cameras. Unfortunately one of the flashes only fires ever 5-6 times as the other one works just fine. Anyone has similar problems? Thank you for a...

Barbcov by New Contributor
  • 4 replies

Canon 580 EX not turning off

I've got a 580 EX and it just got weird... There is about a 60-90 second delay between the time the off switch is flipped and the unit shuts down. Also, when trying to power it up, nothing happens until I press the pilot button, then the unit comes t...

triple head mount with 580exii issue

I have two 580 EX 2 flash and 2 Vivatar 285hv's.  I am using a triple head mount for 3 of the flashes and 1 flash as a rim light.If I use a 580 only on the triple head as a master and the other 580 as the rim as a slave they both fire.  If I use 2 58...

rdavison by New Contributor
  • 2 replies

Resolved! 600EX-RT Problem

Hi all,I have a problem with one of my 600EX-RT flashes. In ETTL mode the pictures are almost black (despite the flash is firing) in Manual it seems that even set to 1/128 the flash is using full power. I already tried to clean all the contacts, stil...

Resolved! Speedlite 580EX

I dropped my 580ex . Display keeps blinking, recycle time is longer, light output variable.

420ex or 430ex?

Thanks to those who helped me understand flash in a previous thread.  I've been leaning toward the 430ex as a sort of "starter" flash on my Rebel T2i.  When I went to the camera store, the 430 comes with a $100 rebate that drops the price to around $...

mwhiteaz by Occasional Contributor
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learning about flash units

I've been trying to find a good site that explains what to look for in a flash unit and how to match one to both the camera and my typical subjects.  The only flash I ever bought was a Vivitar for my AE-1 Program so I'm somewhat behind the learning c...

mwhiteaz by Occasional Contributor
  • 8 replies

Fill Flash and Flash as main light

I just wanted to clear something up for myself. when I use the Flash Ettl in manual mode, it ask like the main liight  source right?  Only when you are in AV and Shutter does the flash act like fill flash? Now if that is true, would it make more sens...