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600EXII-RT stuck in FEL mode.

New Contributor

Hi all, I am new here.  I got a Canon 5D Mark IV.  Today, I try to use my Flash, as soon as I plug my Flash into the Camera body,  I get "FEL"  and  I got a Lightning Bolt with a star on the corner.  And it lock out my camera, I can't get it off.  Can someone help me?  Many Thanks.  I try restting my camera setting, it won't help.


Is my Flash malfunctioning?  Please see attach picture.Camera.jpg


Respected Contributor

Try resetting the flash settings. Mount the flash on the camera and use the camera's flash menu to clear all the flash settings. 


Mike Sowsun
80D, 5D Mk III

Thanks, after searching for hours, I found my M-Fn button stuck pushed in!  I never use that button!  I have to try to pick that button back out and then exercies the button in and out couple times... now I free the button, but still sticky...  I just have to disable the button I guess.  I hardly use it.