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Resolved! speedlight 430EXlll RT problems

Just treated myself to a 430 EXll RT as I want to use wireless flash for a particular job.  However no matter what settings I use I cannot get my EOS 600D  to fire the flash wirelessly. (flash unit set as wireless slave, channel on both flash and cam...

Canon flashes as slaves question

I am having an issue with getting my Canon flashes to do exactly what I want. This is complicated by my not using them as intended. Equipment:Fuji XT-1 w/ FlashQ T1-S remote triggerCanon 580EX II w/ T1-S receiver, set as master unit mode manualCanon ...

Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT with EOS R: Some questions

Hi,I've never used add-on flash or speedlights with my cameras (a few beginner and intermediate level Canon DSLRs and now EOS R). But now I'm getting into People and Portraiture photography, so thought of getting a flash for my EOS R.I found a very g...

Resolved! 80 D wireless settings

In menu, under flash control, I got to Wireless func.There are 4 choices. Im not sure what they mean.Disable. okLooks like the next gives an option of power difference between external and on camera flash.The next is not having the on camera flash at...

sxs9825 by Contributor
  • 10 replies

MR-EX14 Ring Lite Flash has No Pilot Light.

Hello, My Ring Lite Flash MR-14EX has no pilot light when switched on. I wondered if it had some settings that needed to be reset or cleared by attaching to camera, so connected it to my 70D. When first put on, the ETTL shows on the flash LCD but as ...

charcos by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

canon eos1300d and canon speedlite430ex11

Hi Just iused my canon eos 1300d and flash430ex11. When i took shots in automatic mode in darken area and after firing off some shotsi  just was holding camera and flash would be firing a few flashes by itself. Dont know if this is normal or not. 

larryk13 by Apprentice
  • 8 replies

Resolved! 430EX3 RT and Godox X ProC trigger

Alright folks, I've read all the prior post and poured over the instruction manuals until I'm ready to scream. I just replaced the old 430's with new RT models and simply want to fire one flash in ETTL.Can someone please give me the simple version of...

Tnshot by Contributor
  • 9 replies

slave mode

I've have never used slave mode on my speedlights. I always had a trigger for each one. But i'm playing with some weird mix and match setups and wanted to be sure of something. - can i get my 430exii to fire based only off a strobe firing? Thanks a l...

Jpstones by Apprentice
  • 2 replies

600EX-RT Not working in ETTL mode

For some reason the flash is not working in ETTL mode. It will flash but the subjec/scene is still dark. All other modes work as should1. I changed cameras2. I changed batteries3. Reset/cleared the speedlite settings4. Reset the speedlite settings in...

Flash Not Syncing with Camera: Bad Flash or Broken Camera

I have a Canon 70D with a 430EXII flash.  From time to time, the flash with overpower the photo with a huge amount of light.  When I examine the picture in Adobe Elements, it reports that the flash didn’t fire which leads me to believe that the flash...

WSC33 by Apprentice
  • 8 replies

Resolved! 600EX RT not illuminating subject in ETTL mode

I was shooting with my 600EXrt with a 6D in ETTL mode with a plus 3 FEC. Suddenly I noted that the flash fired but the image was pitch black (no illumination). Tried it a few times same result. I took out the other 600ex rt and that worked fine. On r...

chawlee by Apprentice
  • 8 replies

430EX Hot Shoe Bracket Replacement

I own an original 430EX Speedlite (not the -II or the -III) and need a replacement hot shoe bracket for it. The locking pin no longer extends down when rotating the locking mechanism. I can find a bunch of replacements for the -II and -III but nothin...

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