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430EX as slave, odd behavior...


Setup: 6D with a Pocket Wizard PlusX in the shoe. The PW fires my 600EXII (via the other PW) which is set to Optical Master.  It then fires my 430EX, which is set to slave.  The odd behavior which I haven't noticed before, is the 430 does fire in sync with the 600, but a second later it fires by itself.  Is there a setting I've missed or set wrong?  (If I don't use the Pocket Wizards - and I put the 600EXII in the camera's shoe - this second fire does not happen!)  Thanks....


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi CapeCodDan,

Thanks for checking in with us.


As you might imagine, we can't guarantee how well our camera equipment will work with accessories we don't make. If the flashes fire properly without the PocketWizards, then that does suggest an issue with one of them or how they're configured.


You can try cleaning the hot-shoe connectors on your camera and flashes with a lint-free lens cloth. You could also check the camera's menu to make sure that your camera has the latest firmware, which is 1.1.9. If not you can get it from the link below:


Otherwise, you may want to check in with PocketWizard to see if they have any additional suggestions. You can reach them through the link below:

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