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Pixma 100 printing size issues

Any ideas as to why a pixma100 might be printing at the wrong size?For instance, printing a 7x9 photo on 8.5x11 paper, but resizing the photo to 6x8 inches?I am using Lightroom Classic, but it also happens when Printing directly from Windows.

Zerobot by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Pixma Pro 10

Hello, I have a Pixma Pro 10 and it used to work well but now I have issues. I thought it was because of the 3rd party cartridges so I bought two complete sets of Canon official ones but I have still the same issue.  I did a couple of different clean...

hyde by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Pro 9000 Mark II won't print

Hi all, I had to take apart my computer and printer due to some painting. When putting everything back together the Pro 9000 Mark II does not show on printers and scanners on my iMac running El Capitan. Bonjour does not show it to add back to printer...

Pixma Pro 9500 MK II Mojave driver?

Just bought a new iMac running Mojave and cannot print anything on my 9500 MKII. Get a "Filter Error" everytime. I now realize Canon does not support this printer/OS combination. Has anyone had any success getting a 9500 MK II to print in Mojave? If ...

markgr9 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Pixma Pro-10 set up flashing light trouble

Hello,Just bought a new Pixma Pro 10 printer, following the set up instructions and get to the point where i hit the on button.  the on button is white and the button below is flashing orange and is sounds like the the print head tray is making a squ...

PRO-100 Washed Out Designs

Hello, I have a Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer brand new, all the ink is filled and the headers cleaned extc....My issue is that my designs are printing very washed out. Looking liek there is no contrast of vibrancy. I am designing on procreat on my ipa...

ccross96 by Apprentice
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Printer software issues

I recently purchased  Canon Pixma pro 100. I'm not sure if there is any compatible software to Print Studio Pro as I can not for the life in me get this software to work. I work on a mac and use Affinity as my photo editing software. Against my bette...

Kazthibs by Apprentice
  • 17 replies

Resolved! Canon Pixma Pro-100

I just tried to print to my Pro-100 and I get a message"Attention required".  That is all I get, no error number or anything else to tell me what might be wrong.  Any suggestions as to what to do with this one? Is there anyway to tell if a particulal...

Resolved! Pro 100 and Pro Premium Matte Paper

Pro-100 printer, Windows 7, and Canon Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte paper. No matter how I try to set up this combination I get nowhere. First of all the printer tells me I must use the manual feed, OK I set that up. then it tells me I can't use Phot...

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