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I am currently running MacOS Monterey on an intel iMac and the Pro-1000 without issues. I am planning on purchasing a new Mac with the M1 chip. Any issues with the M1 chip and the Pro-1000? Thanks.
Has anybody tested Canon Pro-1000 with MacOS Big Sur? Thanks.
Why are these sliders grayed out? 
I have a Canon Pro-1000. I use Photoshop to print and my color profile is RGB. I print mostly on Red River Satin paper. Should I convert my color profile to CMYK prior to printing? FYI, the printer is fairly new and I am quite pleased with the colors...
My environment MacOS 10.15.2Photoshop CC 21.1.1 I downloaded and installed Print Studio Pro 2.2.4. However, it does not appear in File/Automate within Photoshop. Why is that? Thanks.
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