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Pro-100, Imac filter error during print


Using an IMAC late 2015 and a Canon PRO-100 printer I cannot complete A3 printing. Currently running OS Mojave 10.14.2 and driver version A4/letter seems to print but A3+ stops about a quarter way through the print.


I am reluctant to update Printer Firmware as printer is currently running V 2.001 and current web update is at V1.100


Error message is "Stopped - Filter' failed, 1 page"


I have updated the software reset the printer system, deleted the cache and restarted the computer. A4 seems to print but A3+ stops about a quarter way through the print.


After 5 prints the printing has stopped at exactly the same point on every page. Im reluctant to continue as the cost of ink and paper is mounting up fast.


Image size is large (180MP) but resizing has had no affect.



Give Canon a call at 1-800-OK-CANON. 


Be be prepared to provide them with all the specs on your computer. 

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, M200, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, Lr Classic

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi aussie_slatts,


The firmware version mentioned is the latest.

The error is related to the driver being used.

Please click HERE to download the updated CUPS Printer Driver from our website.  Afterwards, double-click mcpd-mac-pro_100-16_20_0_0-ea21_3.dmg in the download location to mount the Disk Image, double-click the mounted Disk Image then double-click the packaged file in the folder. Installation will start automatically.


Next, please perform the following steps to delete then re-add the Canon Printer Driver:

1. In the Apple menu, open System Preferences.
2. Open Printers and Scanners.
3. Be sure that the Canon PRO-100 series Printer is highlighted in the Printers section.
4. Click the Minus (-) sign, then click OK on the confirmation message.
The printer is deleted.
5. Click the Plus (+) sign.
6. Select the Canon PRO-100 series Printer with Canon IJ Network for KIND if used on the network or USB for KIND if attached using a USB cable then click ADD.
The printer is added.
7. Try printing from your computer.


If the issue persists after deleting then re-adding the driver using the driver mentioned, please contact Canon support.

All steps above carried out, Still no resolution.


At this rate I will be running out of ink and paper before any solution is found.



Product Expert
Product Expert

Since the error returned after performing the steps provided, I recommend contacting our telephone or chat support for assistance.  Please click on the following for details about telephone and chat support: Canon support.


I have been in contact with tech support at Canon and am awaiting further details tomorrow.


Current issue seems to be limited to printing this particular image (180Mp panoramic photo) as a full A3+ panoramic print on the Pro-100. Other files print fine at full page size.


The image prints perfectly at A4 on the Pro-100


This image also prints on my other office printer at A4 size.

I have isolated the error to a Capture 1 printing issue. After opening the image in Photoshop it appears to work fine. 


To summarise, I still cannot print a panoramic image at full size A3+ using Capture 1 Pro 11 on my Canon Pro-100 printer.

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