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Resolved! WiFi

I'm tech challenged.  It appears that the only way to save pictures to, say, a computer, is by WiFi.  I followed the instructions, but can't seem to get it going.  It's just not intuitive!!  I tried to download the software on my computer-I did not g...

Utchie by Apprentice
  • 4 replies

Powershot G12 Screen Problem

My screen is acting oddly.  I figure I must have changed a setting, but don't know what.  I usually keep the dial on P and all worked well.  Recently, when I go to take an image and press the button down half-way, the screen becomes very bright and w...

SX60 focus shifts during video

Even when in even, good lighting with a fairly static interview subject, the SX60 focus will shift in and out. The facial recognition rectangle stays on the face, but the final product shows focus shifting repeatedly. It is set on auto focus and used...

Resolved! Viewfinder image fades while taking pictures

I have a Powershot SX60HS.  While taking pictures my viewfinder image fades and the image recorded is faded.  I can turn off the camera and then turn it on again and the image is normal -no longer faded. It seems to happen when I shooting toward a li...

SueL56 by Apprentice
  • 6 replies

sx740 photo transfer

I've had several different versions of the PowerShot, and until now I imported the photos with a cable and the CameraWindow app. I found that to be very easy.  The 740, however, is very difficult. The Image Transfer Utility is fine for sending photos...

View finder black

The view finder on my Canon PowerShot SX530 HS has recently gone black. And all the other features work. My litium battery does not keep a charge long, so I ordered new batteries. In the meanwhile, I am inquiring to the group- do i need to take it in...

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